Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Writers and artists alike experience numbing phases of non-creativity, known as the writer’s block. Everyone, at times, feels discouraged and de-motivated to produce new art. Read this article and find out tried and tested methods to get rid of that infamous writer’s block.

Procrastination: Almost everyone suffers from some degree of procrastination; therefore it has become the norm. But when one can’t meet deadlines time and again for procrastinating it is a major problem. Here are ways to stop procrastinating for good.

  • Break into chunks: Don’t be overwhelmed by an enormous assignment at hand. Writing a novel is a tremendous task that may easily frustrate one. Break the workload in smaller chapters and subsections to get things done faster. 
  • Embrace Imperfection: Be a perfectionist but not at the expense of not getting anything done. Put imperfect words on the paper and edit them later. Always remember that it is impossible to edit a blank page. So, write first to make them work better. 
  • Easy First: Start writing the comparatively light portion first, so that it is easier to be invested in the work. At times it is hard to write the setting of a story first, so start with the character sketch. 
  • Remove distractions: Switch off the mobile phones, or at least put the device in silent mode while working to be avoided being disturbed every five minutes with an unwanted notification. Create a writing space that is comfortable enough to work for hours. 
  • Routine: It is so very necessary to develop a specific routine that works. Some may work well in the morning, while others at night. Create blocks of time to do specific tasks such as thinking, outlining and actual writing. 

Thinking Process: Being a good writer is all about finding that unique voice that pierces through the soul of many. Tapping into emotions is always necessary to write authentic pieces. 

  • Take a walk: at times, changing of the immediate physical setting is crucial to get rid of the angst.
  • Take a shower: An instant shower relaxes the body and the mind so that one may restart from where he left off. 
  • Smoke Weed: Great writers and artists throughout the ages have smoked marijuana to tap into their subconscious pool of thoughts. From William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou to Stephen King, everyone smoked grass to find their inner voice. Find Santa Rosa recreational dispensary to get the dosage of inspiration. 

Write for self: At times gifted young authors fail to produce works because they want to fulfill others expectations. They doubt brilliant ideas thinking it might not what the audience would desire to read. 

Change POV: By changing the Point of view of a novel, or a fiction, the writer will get a fresh new perspective on things which will motivate him instantly to fill more pages. Apply this change where it is suitable and applicable. Maintain coherence throughout the novel that justifies multiple POVs.

Take a Long Break: Change the physical as well as mental space. Deactivate social media accounts for a few months to dig deep in your psyche. Take long vacations to the countryside to finish up your book. 

Writer’s block is very much real and so is procrastination. To fight methodically is the only way out from this halt. Develop new techniques to produce work of art repeatedly.

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