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If you think you are in life where you can be relaxed about the finances or the money in general. Well, try asking yourself a few important questions like, are you able to push yourself through a financially dragging hospital treatment, or if you’re ready for even the slightest like a flat tire or a car servicing trip. But if you have to hesitate even for a minute to think about it, you need to start saving up right now!

There is no shame in admitting the ground realities of your financial status. For a change the first step has to be the confrontation. You have to realize that life is uncertain and that savings can actually save you from a lot of mishappenings. These few months might have been the best for you, but you have to think about the forthcoming of the future and expenses that it holds. With Sleepy Money you can learn plenty of new ways and tactics on how to save enough money for having a smooth future ahead. 

2020 is full of surprises and extremely unpredictable for most of it. These are the times when you must have a thought or two about your saving plans. You might have figured it out well, what you want to do and how you want to do it. Or it could be that it hasn’t even crossed your mind once. But the importance of having saved up money can’t be ignored.

Here is a money saving tips blog 2020 that you should keep in mind if you’re trying to save up some cash.

Make a Goal

We often tend to lose the perspective of what once was so vital to us pretty quickly. So losing the rightness of mind while saving is very much likely to happen. To keep yourself away from such deformities, you can set aside a goal in mind to achieve with your savings. It could be a big deal like buying a new car, paying a down payment for a home, or getting enrolled in a degree program. Or it could be something small like, getting yourself a new laptop, or buying some fresh beats. You can add up into your list later when the first one got completed. This way, you’ll be motivated and reminded to stay on track.

Track your Spendings

Tracking what exactly you are spending in a month is an excellent idea. In fact, if you are making a budget to keep yourself stick to it religiously. You might as well make a list of spendings you do in a month, divide them into essentials and non-essentials, and mark-out all the unnecessary expenses that you think are extraordinary.

Say No to High-Interest Debt

Every high-interest debt is your enemy if you’re trying to save up. You have first to get rid of them and then go on with the savings plan. All these high-interest debts can leech on the part of your cash that you would have been set aside in the name of savings. A good tip is first to pay off the money that can hold you down, and then keep taking that money to your savings account later on when you’re done with it. This way, you won’t be disturbing your regular cash flow.

Do it Automatically

There is a 50% chance that you will be using the money that should be saved for the rainy days. It is essential to hold on to the deed instead of losing it all at once. This could take time, creating a habit of setting money aside. So for the safety of the cause, you can make the transaction directly into your savings account by scheduling it beforehand. You don’t have to worry about spending it all. Because the share of saving has already be gone into the separate account for the later.

Do the 24 Hour Trick With Yourself

People who have mastered the art of savings have shared a lot of rules that they made their selves to stick on. The most famous among them is the 24-hour rule. According to the confessions of a shopaholic, you are most certainly to buy more things online than originally from the store. Because, why not? It’s okay, it’s convenient, and it is at the clicks of your fingers only. But you can have it tested. Whether it is an impulse buy or a need that has to be taken care of. Before clicking on the buy button, just give yourself 24 hours of ultimatum. You are likely to drop the idea if it was just an impulsive shopping spree.

No Spending the Found Money

You’re lucky if people still get you cash instead of useless presents. Now, it’s your turn to not do something ‘useless’ with money as well.  Stop spending the money you have found in your old jeans or the money that your ‘pops’ have gifted you on your birthday. Think about it, you were fine before getting it on your hand, and you will be okay without spending it at all. So save it for the following days and carry on with whatever you had before all that. This is a lovely way to keep yourself disciplined. You can apply this behaviour to your raised salary as well. Although you can have something presented to yourself by that money for once as a celebration. But keeping it away safe is the best idea to deal with an unexpected raise. At this point, you might have to remind yourself about your goal one more time.

Don’t Do it Alone

Going on a savings journey could be hard, tiring, and a little overwhelming. You can get demotivated to lose the sight of what it will give you in the end. For this, you are suggested to look around your circle and find people like you. People who are trying to save money. People who have a purpose in life like yourself to get done with. Up with them and get on the journey with your team pals. That’s right, make the team and join hands to do it together. This way, you both can keep each other focused and motivated.














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