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Getting the ideal supplements that will meet your health needs is an overwhelming task. New supplements keep on popping up in the market, making it hard to pick the right one.

Price, strength, and dosage are the factors often considered by shoppers when choosing the right supplements. However, these factors end up not being enough to make such a decision. Therefore, begs the question, what should you consider when settling for the best quality supplement brands? Read on to find out.


There are varieties of vitamins and minerals and not all brands use the same type of supplements. Best brands or high-end brands use absorbent and effective forms of minerals and vitamins.

For instance, magnesium is a mineral sold in the form of chloride, sulfate, and citrate. Of these three forms, magnesium chloride is absorbent and easily assimilated by the body compared to the rest of the types.

A good supplement brand ensures that it uses minerals and vitamins that are effective in absorption and excretion. Minerals and vitamins that lack these two capabilities are harmful to your health; therefore, avoid brands that use them.


Synthetic fillers such as additives, colorings and flavors are generally not good for your health. Products with these fillers are rarely hypoallergenic, making them harmful to individuals with allergies.

Apart from fillers, also check whether the product contains allergens such as gluten, soy, and dairy. Quality supplement brands make allergen-free products and provide an alternative for individuals who don’t mind these allergens.

To check for allergens, keenly check the instructions and warnings on the can or bottle.


Among the essential things that consumers look for when purchasing supplements is the price. Expensive, in this case, doesn’t mean better, and neither does cheap.

Therefore, don’t be swayed by cost when purchasing your supplements. The only way to pick the right supplement regardless of the price is through doing your research. Research keenly on the authenticity of the ingredients used.

In a nutshell, the cost doesn’t always guarantee quality. However, most costly supplements provide quality vitamins and minerals, and most cheap supplements lack quality minerals and vitamins.

Proven track record

Studies show that many supplement products contain less or even lack the ingredients said to be present. To make sure that the product you’re buying contains the ingredients indicated, do thorough research and check reviews of the same.

Alternatively, consult with a nutritionist on whether the ingredients used in your preferred supplements have undergone testing. Additionally, inquire from the company the type of tests done on their products. Look for products tested on humans and not on animals.

Genetically-modified Organisms (GMOs)

GMOs are generally not good for your health. Therefore, using them on supplements ultimately harms your health rather than boosting it.

Apart from being harmful to your health, GMOs also pose a danger to the environment and the surrounding community. GMOs require heavy usage of pesticides and herbicides, which have proven to cause cancer in recent years since their inception.

Quality brands use naturally-sourced ingredients that are not harmful to your health.


More isn’t always better; supplement brands that advise on low dosage guarantee adequate absorption of the vitamins and minerals.

Also, when deciding on dosage, consider one that guarantees ease of use.

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