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Bamboo fiber has an excellent ability to absorb moisture, but it also accumulates odors. Therefore, bed linen should be cleaned correctly and in the right interval. Before you start washing, you must take the time to go through the users’ manual for the product. Bamboo products require a gentle hand wash, if possible, in cold water. But modern washing machines have a mild mode function and the possibility of a minimum spin or turn off the final option of the process cycle. This is an ultimate guide on how to wash bamboo sheets.

Is It Allowed To Wash Bamboo Sheets In A Washing Machine?

Can bamboo sheets be machine washed effortlessly? Sure. Like a regular mattress pad or covering, it is only necessary to minimize the exposure time of the fibers in the water. No pre-soaking is required. After stopping the drum, it is advisable to take the linen out immediately.  

How Often Should You Wash Your Bamboo Pillow?

Although a bamboo quilt cover or bamboo sheets are durable, care does need to be taken when washing. You should use a mild detergent on a cold wash to avoid any damage to the natural fibres. After the factory processing, plant materials retain their cellular structure and absorb moisture well.

You should bear in mind that the filler is capable of repelling dust, has bactericidal properties, and kills most pathogenic organisms. Therefore, it is better to choose bamboo products with a removable cover.

Choose the Right Detergent

Washing powder used for bed linen dissolves unevenly. Small particles penetrate through the fibers inside the filler, settle on plant materials, and are not completely rinsed out. Although bamboo sheets are non-allergenic, the properties of the bedding will change after a failed wash. Gels wash away dirt pretty well. Some manufacturers offer special liquids labeled “For Bamboo.”  

Take Into Consideration These Rules When Washing

You can load bamboo sheets into the washing machine, but only in the correct mode; otherwise, the sheet will be ruined. Before loading, make sure that there are no bleach residues or powder grains in the containers. It is better to pre-rinse the machine by turning on the “spin.” Vacuum the sheet before washing if necessary.

Differences Between Machine and Hand Wash

If you cannot use the machine, you have to tidy up the bedding by hand. It is worth considering that bamboo-filled blankets and sheets become heavy due to bamboo’s good moisture-wicking properties. 

Warm water is collected in the container within 30 degrees. The selected detergent is dissolved in the liquid – it is better to use a special gel for bamboo products.

The sheet is briefly immersed in the solution for a short time. Rub the cover slightly if necessary. Then they immediately begin to rinse. Rinse the bedding in several different tubs of water until the soapy effect disappears.

How to Dry

Bamboo clothes and bedding should not be auto-dried; it is better to hang the fabrics on a clothesline or leave them on a drying rack.

What Can Damage Your Bamboo Pillow

Although bamboo has many advantages, in the process of caring for its products, one has to take into account the disadvantages of plant materials. This is not synthetic; you should be careful. Main rules:

  • No dry cleaning, only gentle wash. Aggressive reagents destroy the cellular structure.
  • Bamboo is resistant to hot steam; it is forbidden to dry pillows in machines with a drying mode.
  • Excessive compression leads to irreversible deformation of bamboo fiber.


In practice, at first glance, it isn’t easy to care for bedding made from bamboo fibers. You need to choose the right wash and spin modes. And don’t forget to button up your pillowcases and duvet cover if they have locks. With the proper measures and precautions, you can take care of your bamboo sheets and reap the massive benefits that come with this organic fiber. в кармане займ отзывыюнона займзайм экспресс узнать задолженность

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