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Hloo, hunks you know me very well that who I am and what is my work. I am here to tell you about all of the things which helps you to become fat. there are many factors to become fatty. today I will share the main-main factor with you. read all the factors carefully. we are the guys which help you to help out all the problem with the health and your body parts. let’s talk about the Fat. main question rise in our mind is the, what is fat?

What is Fat?

Our body is work like a machine. the body has a work to be worked on, When we eat more over body work more and over the item in our body stored as fat. Belly fat makes a man worst. We need to avoid belly fat.

Fat to Fit.

The fatty guy looks more handsome than a skinny guy. But over fat makes you worst. Fat is the form of energy in our body. At exercise time we took external energy when the external energy consumed, Body starts to take energy from the fat. That is the reason why a fatty guy can consume more energy than an average guy. You can increase your bust size very easily. How to increase bust size in 1 week.

Why We Need Fat?

Fat has many types, A belly fat makes your body uneven and worst. but a perfect fat that was all over the body, Makes your body perfect. I saw that a fatty guy always look handsome than a skinny guy. Fat makes an impression on the others( Not belly fat ). fat can help you to look handsome & smart. All the clothes look good on the fatty guy, There is no need of fitting for him.

Tips to Become fat.

  • Never drink water after eating food.

When we eat food. the over digestion system used the burning technique to digest the food. And when we eat food a fireball used to digest food. If we drunk water after the taking food, The fireball was cooled down. And our body becomes unable to the benefit of the food. Then always keep it in your mind that never drink water after the meal. If You are thirsty then you can drink water before the meal.

  • Eat all over the day.

I am talking about becoming fat. Then you need to keep it in your mind that Indirectly I am talking about eating. Eat all over the day means. you need to eat food with less time gap. And use to eat healthy food, Which can easily consume by your body and Useful for your body. If you consume Junk food, It will damage your body. And usually, junk food increase belly fat. And I already told you about it. That belly fat was Not good Symptoms.

  • Drink to a day.

Drink, I am talking about that soft drink and water only. you don,t need yo use hard drinks, Soft drinks. That will help you to increase your body weight and you can easily increase your weight with the drinks. keep it in your mind that never use a hard drink.

  • Get Quality sleep and enough.

Sleep is one of the best parts. If you don,t get enough sleep your body become fatty. Because our body has enough time to digest the food that we eat all over the day. We need to quality sleep also. Quality sleep means the sleep which you take properly. If you took quality sleep and enough sleep your body automatically starts gaining weight.

  • Never smoke.

Smoking is a serious topic in our society. Smoking makes a person week inside. This makes a man seriously damaged and totally defused. Smoking has nicotine which makes your body week and it effects badly to the human body, I suggest you to never smoke and drink in your life. follow us if you want to know more about how to become fat.

  • Exercise In a Day.

Exercise makes a man Fatty. You need to do light exercise in the morning and evening. Light exercise gives a bump to the human body. And then it helps to increase weight. Use average exercise. Don,t go for hard exercise. They can make your body tight. that is not good for a fatty body. If you need fat than only use light exercise with high reps.

  • Use to eat dry fruit.
  • Light food to full fill the body.
  • Eat grains and oats.
  • sweet potatoes.
  • Takes fatty food and oily food.
  • Eat Nuts.
  • Reduce body toxic.
  • Use organic food to eat.

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