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In the Animation Industry, Autodesk’s Maya and 3DS Max are the two most popular software programs that are used by the animators and 3D modeling experts. These two are the most powerful software packed with features and capable of creating realistic animations and the models. In short, Maya and 3DS Max are the two software programs that are the industry standards now and used by almost all of the animators and the industry leaders.

When two are the most common software programs, it is obvious to get curious about the software programs. Many people ask which is better, Maya or 3DS Max out of curiosity for these two programs. In this post, we are going to review them side by side and check which is better amongst Autodesk’s Maya and Autodesk’s 3DS Max animation and modeling software programs.


System Compatibility-


Autodesk’s software programs are made for Windows Operating system. But Maya stands out as it can run on any computer operating system like Windows, MacOS or Linux. 3DS Max is crippled in the system compatibility side because it can only run on the computers with Windows OS installed in it. As of now, Autodesk has not released the compatible version of 3DS Max for MacOS or Linux.


Use –

Autodesk’s Maya is usually used as a great animation software for making the 3D animation and also to make video games. The animation libraries and all of the features required for the same are present in the Maya, and most of the animators and game designers use Maya. But, the 3DS Max is not behind Maya in this case. 3DS Max is suitable for 3D modeling and creating complex animation characters, that require a lot of detail. Most of the professionals who need 3D modeling prefer the 3DS Max. Also, almost all of the high-end mobile games animation is made using 3DS Max. So, both of the software programs are good for every type of use a professional animator might ask.


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Language Availability –

Not everyone can speak and read the English language as most of the countries on this planet are non-English speaking countries. That’s why the availability of the option of choosing the languages is must for any popular software. In this case, Autodesk Maya comes with the language option of English, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin languages. On the other side, Autodesk 3DS Max comes with more language options like English, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, and Korean. These are some excellent language choices for people who know these languages and are comfortable with them.

Animation and Modelling –

Maya is good at animation, and 3DS Max is good at character modeling. When you have to animate any character, you can use the Maya software. Mostly, Maya is used for making short animation clips, video game animations and other visual animations that you may see in every other digital platform. On the other hands, 3DS Max is suitable for character modeling or 3D modeling in general. It doesn’t mean 3DS Max is not ideal for animation, but it comes with a robust feature set for 3D modeling, that it is now mostly used for modeling and not for hardcore animation.


Final Words – Maya or 3DS Max?


Both of the software programs are being used by most of the popular media and animation companies. Maya and 3DS Max is capable of creating high-end animation and 3D modeling projects. But as they have different capabilities, we cannot tell if Maya is better than 3DS Max or vice versa. You can choose Maya over 3DS Max if your sole need is to create animation film or animated character for a video game. If your needs are related to modeling and animated character development, then 3DS Max is made to cater to your needs.



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