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Text Marketing to Increase Engagement

What is an SMTP server?

An SMTP server is a program that sends and receives an email. It includes the assigned addresses set by the client or the app used for bulk messaging. It can be a program from both well-known or less popular developers. To find out what SMTP server is used to send messages, go to your account or check the settings of the selected mail client.

When sending bulk mailings, each letter is processed by the SMTP service, which determines the correct computer for further delivery of the notification. After that, the message is relayed to the required server. The recipient’s service provider downloads the mail and places the letter in the inbox so you don’t have to think about how can I send text messages from my email box. The use of special programs for sending bulk notifications to the selected category of recipients will help you with it.

Combine email and text marketing

Many companies think about promoting their brands effectively, so they regularly interact with their customers. To do this, you can use the marketing strategy that includes communicating with the target audience via sending SMS API and emails. For urgent communication with clients, it’s important to use multiple channels, so you need to know how to send texts to your email.

Email is a proven method of communication, but it is only one of a few components of full-fledged communication with potential buyers. For more often communication, you should ensure your notifications have a reliable SMS API. This allows for real-time communication, while customers are more likely to read the message a few minutes after receiving it.

Use data from both channels to target customers for sales

Many email platforms use analytics to determine the type of the most frequently opened emails. It helps to:

  •   determine the chances of customer feedback and repeat purchases;
  •   know where the buyer is;
  •   save personal data to send personalized messages in the future.

With such programs, it is also possible to find out if customers are interested in certain topics that you mention in your bulk mailings. Thanks to the information received, it will be possible to apply cross targeting via sms-to-email gateway and send more interesting offers and discounts to a specific group of people.

Customers using certain search keywords are more likely to open an email that contains similar terms. To make sure that the SMS message will result in the desired response from clients, it’s enough to know that they open emails with similar content.

Choose between email vs SMS, as they are both great communication methods because notifications will be delivered instantly. In this case, the user independently chooses the feedback option: he can either go to the site, answer an SMS or a letter. You are able to track the effectiveness of the chosen marketing strategy by providing minimal information in your SMS and revealing the full message by email.

Customers who see your ad on their smartphones (especially when it comes in various ways) are more likely to take action to keep the conversation going. You will notice the increase in website traffic, and customers will purchase your products or use the services you offer.

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