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Tips to Help out Your Neighbors When Moving

So you want to be a good person and help your neighbours with their move, or perhaps you want to get rid of them quickly. No judgment. I got you. Here are a few ways you can help your neighbours moving in or out of their apartment or house with the help of the best moving company in Las Vegas Nevada and its surroundings.


Let me tell you a little bit about two schools of thought in the world of ethics. The first one is called teleological, which is concerned with the consequences of actions. For instance, if you helped your neighbour move a box and you ended up damaging their flat screen, you have become less ethical teleologically. But the deontological ethics are concerned with actions rather than the consequences. So, if you wanted to damage the flat-screen, you intentionally tripped, but your neighbour saved it; you are terrible nevertheless. Therefore, you should help your neighbour with the intention of helping and be cautious of the consequences. Try your best not to break anything!

Don’t withhold bad experience.

A big part of the move is the moving company. You might’ve had a terrible experience with a moving company in the past, and your neighbour might be thinking about contacting the company. It is in their best interest for you to share your bad experience. Moving is stressful enough as it is, and if your neighbour selects a company that you know is terrible, it is your responsibility as a good neighbour to let them know.

Offer boxes and tapes

You may have boxes, tapes, and other packaging material lying around in your house. Though you were thinking of using those in your next move or when your spouse kicks you out, the need of the present is greater than the need for the future. Offering packaging material is a friendly gesture, and it gives you something to talk about as well, so you can help relieve some of the stress on them during the move. This may seem like something trivial, but it will benefit them to relieve some of the pressure, which might be useful.

Lift if you can lift

There are all sorts of ways to help. Lifting boxes is not the end game. I do not doubt your ability to lift. I am just letting you know that to lift boxes, you may need a lot of strength. Otherwise, you will be all shaky and increase the chances of injury to yourself. You might even damage some of the belongings of your neighbours. Hence, only lift if you can lift. 

Ask if they want help

Let me let you in on a little secret. Some people like handling their responsibilities themselves, and are not entirely fond of getting favours, which is why it might be best that you keep to yourself. Those people might not want your help, and what you might consider as helping, they might feel as bugging. Therefore, ask if they want any help! Let them know what you can do. There is a very blurred line between bugging and helping, and I can’t make it less grey for you. Observe your neighbours’ reaction in response to your offer, and you might be able to know whether they want you there or not. But it is a judgment call. 

Summing up

Intention to help is a prerequisite because, indeed, all deeds will be judged by intentions. Be mindful of your boundaries, offer to help politely, and understand that it is okay for them to deny your help. If you had a negative experience with a moving company, warn. If you had a positive experience with a company, inform. Here are my two cents: if you are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, pick Move4less because I had a comfortable experience with them, and I recommend it to all my neighbours.

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