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A retainer is a custom-made appliance worn over the teeth to help keep them in their new, correct position after braces treatment. After braces, habits like chewing can exact force on your teeth, making them move and become misaligned again. Retainers Easton helps to keep your teeth straight. There are two types of retainers; fixed and removable. Your dentist recommends the form suitable for you. Below are tips to help you take care of your retainers.

Keep your retainer from heat

Too much heat can damage your retainer. Excess heat can melt or warp the plastic material on your retainer, altering how it fits on your teeth and affecting its effectiveness. Avoid exposing your retainer to direct sunlight, leaving it in the car, or keeping it near a stove or a heater. Also, do not take hot water while wearing your retainer. Never clean your retainer with hot or boiling water thinking it is a good strategy to promote hygiene. Always use warm water.

Clean your retainer regularly

You should clean your retainer regularly, just like your teeth. If you do not clean your retainer properly, plaque and tartar can accumulate and spread the debris on your teeth and gums, causing infection or cavities. Clean your retainer daily with lukewarm water, a soft brush, and a suitable cleaning agent. Also, remember to clean your retainer case to prevent germs from spreading to the retainer.

Keep your retainer safely

Ensure you keep your retainers safe, as replacing them can be time-consuming and expensive. Always keep your retainer in its case when you are taking meals or not active. You can write down your phone number on the case for easy retracing if it gets lost. If you are taking a meal at a restaurant, avoid wrapping your retainer on a napkin because you are most likely to forget, or your server may take it away. Only take out your retainer when necessary.

Get regular dental checkups

Ensure you get regular dental checkups and attend all follow-up appointments. Make sure you have your retainer every time you visit your dentist. During these visits, your dentist will observe your retainer and all oral structure to check if they are in a good state. The dentist will check to see if your retainer fits well or if you need any adjustments. Talk to your dentist about any abnormality you note with your retainer.

Be careful when putting on your retainer

Take care when wearing your retainer, and make sure it fits perfectly. Ensure there are no spaces left between your teeth and your retainer. Improper placement can reduce effectiveness and cause your teeth to regain their misaligned position. When removing your retainer, do not force it out at once, but first, loosen it in several positions and then put it off gently.

Retainers help keep your teeth in their new position after removing braces. For effective retainer results, clean your retainer regularly, keep it safe, avoid excess heat, get regular dental checkups, and wear them correctly. Schedule an appointment at McGill Orthodontics for retainer placement to keep your aligned teeth in their new correct position.

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