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Tips to improve family poultry production

Poultry production can hold many potential positive impacts on household food security. For developing countries, family poultry production may make the difference on the dietary intake as well as on income generation. And its improvement mainly depends on the nutrition and the care. 

Why focus on family poultry production? 

Nowadays, it is well-known that developing countries are more and more suffering from lack of money. To earn decent money without making huge investments, family poultry production egg hatching incubator can be helpful. In fact, to improve poultry housing and feeding, local products can be easily used. For example, the farmers can rely on raw local materials to build up their shelters. As far as the feed is concerned, they can for instance buy local chicken breed or let them feed by themselves in open areas. As far as the animal health care are concerned, the farmer can rely on a particular veterinarian who will be in charge of the checkups and the vaccination of the animals. Once a family poultry production begins to grow, it means that a goal is somewhere achieved, that the family can lie on supplement money, food, clothes, etc. Family food production mays seem little but every great growth began with the littlest investments. 

Provide high protein food to the poultry

If you want your poultry to grow quickly, it is highly recommended that you give them a diet rich in protein. You won’t see your chickens grow if you feed them only with carbohydrates that are just enough to meet their energy needs and their growth. For a complete protein intake, you can opt for either vegetable protein or carbohydrates.  Giving them poultry feed additive is also a smart idea. However, if you don’t want your chickens to grow too fast, don’t force the protein. 

Allow proper feeding

Despite the fact that you feed your chickens with formulated feeds or feed supplements, it is still preferable to let them run free for a while. This way, they can eat what they find and what they like. And at the same time, they can get out. This is important for the well-being, health and growth of your poultry. But it is also an efficient way to reach some standard and quality on the meat production. 


Generally, feeding indigenous poultry does not require many chechups. This is due to the fact that these breed of chikens are hardy. However, you should always vaccinate them to prevent deadly disease such as disease. If you care about that, you will raise their chance of surviving an outbreak. For that, you just have to follow the proper vaccination schedule. The ministry of agriculture or your local veterinarian can inform you of that.  

Provide proper housing and biosecurity

The poultry’s environment always plays a great role in their growing. In fact, it reduces the losses engendered by extreme temperatures, overcrowding or even predation. Make sure you build proper chicken house to provide comfort and well-being to the poultry. You should also remember that it’s your role to bring up the highest standards as far as hygiene and sanitation are concerned. 

Give enough water

Providing proper feed for your chicken is perfect for their growth. But if they don’t drink, they won’t be healthy. In fact, water is highly important for the health and the vitality of these animals. Besides, freshwater supply plays a great role on the feed intake. To meet their needs, you just have to make sure there are enough drinkers in the poultry house. This way, all the chicken can comfortably drink without being injured. 

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