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Working from home is a lot different than working from home with children. If you have kids you know what I am taking about, you cannot focus on your work or your presentation might be late. Even if you have an own business or you are working for a company, these tips will be helpful. For more you can visit http://flawlessmania.com/


  • Wake up Early: The best way to work is to wake up early before your children aren’t there. This means setting up an alarm before they wake up before an hour or two.  If you are not a morning person then try to cover your work in their nap times. 




  • Organize Things: Open up a box and let your kid systematically arrange his/ her toys. Tell them to arrange by shape, size, color and you can do the same thing with the office files / papers depending on the age. You can also make them organize their own bedroom or a closet.




  • E-learning for kids: You can choose an online website that provides videos which help your kids to learn some poems / stories according to their age. Ask them to narrate the story or an outline of the play that they have learnt to any elderly person in the house or you can also ask them to record a selfie video. This not only makes them engage in some work but also helps them in improving their listening and communication skills in different languages.




  • Baby Sitter: If you work from home regularly then it’s better to find a baby sitter a few times a week either a family member or a trade off with another mom or actually a baby sitter who can come and look after your children so that you will be able to concentrate on your professional work as well as your house hold chores.




  •  Drawing/ Crafts: These kinds of arts are dependent on how old your child is. Give them coloring board / drawing books. Let them do a easy craft work like writing a letter or decorating it / an origami




  • Games:  Games always need not to be online like temple run / subway surfers, you can also give them some board games like chess, caroms or some puzzle games 




  • Stay Focused: Stay focused when you get an opportunity to work by yourself. Do not get distracted by the other things like social media, emails etc., Try to get things done when you find time. Do not procrastinate; you might not be able to finish your work on time if you do so. Work productivity increases when you put your cell phone out of your work place. Similarly, try avoiding things into your workplace that kill your productive time.




  • Set up your work space:  Choose a dedicated space for yourself to build your work space. Your work space should only contain your work essentials like laptop, charger, notes and head phones. You can use any unused tables or chairs for setting up your work space. You can concentrate more on your work if you leave your bed or comfy couch that you love. Now that you have your own space, make a schedule when to start & end the work and when to take a break to be with the kids.




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