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Many companies decide to move their offices in February to start after the holidays in a different space. This situation can be stressful for owners and employees who must adjust to the new environment. Moving takes a lot of organization, time and patience. And when it comes to professional spaces, the considerations become more rigorous, since the amount of furniture and personnel involved is not only usually greater, but also directly affects the operations of the organization.

It is important to carry out a timely inventory of the equipment and objects that will be transferred, not only to avoid losses and discard what is no longer necessary

What to have Ready before Moving Offices?

The first thing to consider is hiring professionals who specialize in office moving such as “furniture removals Newcastle”. Together with a consultant from the moving company you will have to define the best strategy and organize the schedule so that the movement does not interfere with work activity. Based on this, the company will prepare a customized budget. The important thing is to be clear about how to convert the new office into the current one and, based on this, move things.

The New Facilities

Having the new location prepared, as well as knowing its details in detail, saves great setbacks: it is easier to devise the layout of the furniture, request the required adjustments and even streamline the administrative processes to resume activities.

Inventory and Volume of the Move

It is important to carry out a punctual inventory of the equipment and objects that will be transferred, not only to avoid losses and dispose of what is no longer necessary, but to know the volume of moving that will be carried out and consider the options that best suit the needs.

Move Date and Installation Time

Due to the fact that the movement can attract modifications in the operation of the company and affect the economic flow, the moving dates must be chosen conscientiously and according to the time required for the complete installation to counteract such crucial aspects as the capital or positioning of the company.

Options and Budget

Once the details of the move are known (new address, volume of the same, dates of transfer, among others) it will be possible to look for the most pertinent options according to the budget that is destined for the change of address.


It is recommended to protect in a special way all those essential belongings, such as important documents, files with sensitive information, expensive objects and others.

Personnel Responsibilities

Depending on the type of move that is going to be carried out with respect to the size of the company, it is essential that employees are clear about their particular responsibilities: storing personal belongings, moving furniture, safeguarding documents, coordinating inventory, etc.

Updated Information

 The change of offices must be communicated to both clients and suppliers so as not to hinder the operation of the company, as well as the pertinent authorities must be notified to keep corporate and tax information up to date.

It is crucial that the activities are carried out by teams of professionals and under strict security protocols to ensure the integrity of the company’s belongings and intellectual property, as well as an agile and effective move.

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