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Vintage Car

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just enjoy driving a classic car, there are plenty of ways to personalize it. This will help you make it uniquely yours and also increase its resale value.

It can be difficult to sell a classic car, especially when it’s in great condition. But a good marketing strategy can help you connect with the right buyers to get top dollar for your treasured vehicle.


Paint is a big part of the automotive puzzle and there are many ways to make it more personal without damaging your car’s resale value. The most obvious is by choosing the right paint for your vehicle, which can also improve its durability and overall appearance.

A good paint job can make your classic vehicle look decades younger and increase its resale value. The most important thing to remember when choosing a paint color is that it should fit the overall theme of your car, as well as the era in which it was built.

The right paint can also be the most cost effective way to add some extra flair to your vintage car. You can use a wide range of colors and design to give your car that customized look you’re going for.

When it comes to paint, the old standbys still hold the top spot, including acrylic lacquer and urethane. Urethane is the king of the castle when it comes to durability, and is the preferred choice for modern cars, although some people still choose acrylic because of its impressive looking colors.

In addition to the best paints for your vehicle, you’ll need the right tools and materials to get the job done. For example, a high-quality brush is key to achieving the most professional finish possible.

You’ll also want to take the time to learn about the history and science behind your chosen paint. This will help you decide on the most appropriate paint product for your needs and ensure you’ll enjoy the results for years to come. Using the right paint will also save you money, time and effort down the road.


A classic car’s interior is a major part of its overall charm, and a floor mat is a way to give it a boost without affecting its exterior look. These mats can be embroidered with names, initials or anything else that fits the owner’s taste and make the vehicle even more unique.

Another reason why these mats are important is that they protect the floor from a variety of messes. They are made of rubber or a blend of rubber and carpet, which allows them to be easily cleaned by rubbing with a sponge or using soap and water. They also come in many colors and patterns, so you can choose the right one for your vehicle.

For instance, Husky Liners’ WeatherBeater Floor Liners are a popular choice among Amazon users because they offer excellent protection and a wide range of colors and designs. The liners are made of DuraGrip rubber and feature channels that lead liquid messes away from the center. They can be trimmed to fit just about any automobile, making them an excellent choice for car owners who want to protect their floors.

They are easy to clean, too, so they can be thrown in the washer and dried as needed. They’re also stain-resistant and waterproof, so they’ll stand up to rain, snow and mud and dirt.

If you’re looking for a great set of mats that will stand up to a variety of weather conditions, BDK’s Classic Floor Mats might be the perfect choice for you. These mats are designed to be a little less expensive than their regular mats, but they still have plenty of protection. They’re rated 4.2 stars out of five on Amazon, which means they have over 3,400 reviews from happy customers.

Aside from being easy to clean, these mats also feature a design that makes them easy to recognize. They’re shaped like a diamond and feature a logo that matches the brand. They’re also highly customizable, so you can make them match any decor.

These mats are a must for any car owner who wants to personalize their vehicle in a subtle but effective way. They’re available in a variety of colors and are a great way to add a personal touch without making drastic changes to the vehicle.

Steering Wheel

One of the most important components in any vehicle is the steering wheel. Not only does it allow you to steer the car, but it also provides an iconic look. Whether you have a vintage or new car, it is crucial that you take steps to maintain the condition of your steering wheel.

Traditionally, the steering wheel has been made from steel or aluminum, but as technology advances, more and more cars, even renovated cars that you buy at classic car auctions, are coming equipped with wheels that are lighter in weight and made from different materials. Steering wheels are now available in a wide range of colors and styles, with features like electrical accessory switches and multi-function buttons that can help increase driving safety.

Another option for drivers is telescoping steering wheels, which can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions within a three-inch range. They are not as common in modern vehicles, but they can be a great option for those who want a more versatile wheel.

Aside from being a practical choice, a telescoping wheel can be a stylish addition to any driver’s car. It can be used to replace a regular steering wheel, and can come in many different designs to suit any driver’s preferences.

Custom steering wheels are also a popular option for drivers who prefer a specific style of wheel or have unique vehicle needs. These are often crafted from fine leather and carbon-fiber or chrome, and can be a little smaller or larger than your standard wheel. They can even include electrical accessory switches, or replicate a certain vintage style of steering wheel.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a telescoping wheel is your preferences and the kind of driving you plan on doing. For example, if you are planning on racing, then a smaller wheel may be more comfortable for your hands and legs.

Alternatively, if you enjoy drifting, then you may want to go with a deep dish steering wheel for extra grip and traction. Nardi’s Deep Corn is a favorite among enthusiasts for its 80-mm depth and white anodized spokes.

Shift Knob & Pedals

When it comes to personalizing your vintage car, there are many different ways to get the look and feel you want. One of the most common options is to customize the shift knob and pedals. Besides looking cool, these additions can help you adjust the shift lever to your liking and enhance the driving experience.

When looking for a new shift knob, it is important to consider the shape, weight, height, and proximity to the steering wheel. By adjusting these factors, you can improve the shifting feel and speed up the gear change process.

A shift knob is an essential part of any car that features a gear stick. It is the physical interface between the steering wheel and the driver’s hand, and it can be made of various materials including metal, plastic, or resin.

It can be found on cars from many different manufacturers and has many benefits, such as helping drivers shift faster. Additionally, it can also reduce unwanted vibrations and road feedback that can be experienced when changing gears.

Shifting gears is a very important part of driving, so it’s only natural that drivers would want to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. This is where weighted shift knobs come in handy.

Increasing the mass of the shift knob helps to provide extra momentum to the shifter, which in turn makes it easier for the shifter to engage and de-engage gears. This additional momentum also decreases the amount of energy needed to start a shift and helps eliminate any resistance points, such as notches or counter springs that can cause the shifter to hesitate or bounce during a shift.

This results in a much smoother and more solid shift, compared to those that use stock shift knobs or those that are too light. The weighted shift knobs available from RAZO are designed to be heavy enough for most driving positions and sizes of hands, and they are equipped with easy-to-follow shifting position diagrams and hand sizing charts.

If you’re looking for a lighter option, you can also try out the Hybrid series of weighted shift knobs from Raceseng. These knobs feature a Delrin (plastic) exterior and a solid stainless steel metal core, which helps to prevent the knob from becoming hot or cold based on outside temperatures or sunlight exposure.

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