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Eye injuries are some of the most frequent injuries in the workplace, especially on construction sites and jobs involving chemical substances. You may be surprised to learn that nearly 2,000 Americans injure their eyes in their workplace, and 60% of them do not wear the right equipment. Wearing the wrong protection and not wearing any at all are equally dangerous. 

If you and your loved one have injured themselves in the workplace due to another person’s fault, you may be eligible for compensation. However, the laws are complex, and it can be difficult to figure out if you qualify for a claim. A houston personal injury attorney can help you with the legalities while you focus on your recovery. 

Tips to prevent eye injuries at the workplace

  • Try to find the dangers in the work setting. 

If you are trying to reduce the risks of an eye injury in the workplace, one good place to start would be to assess the area. Conduct a thorough inspection and try to recognize what may hurt you. Identify activities, objects, and areas that present high risks of injury and determine what could lessen them. 

  • Conduct vision exams of the employees. 

Sometimes the workplace is not to blame, but the victim’s vision is. When an employee is not able to see properly, they may accidentally encounter a dangerous object without even realizing it. The employer should arrange for routine vision exams to ensure they are right for the job. 

  • Wear the right equipment. 

Among the best ways to protect yourself from the eye or any kind of workplace injuries is wearing the right equipment. Protective gear is of no use if it is not being used in the correct way or if it is too old. An employer is legally obligated to provide the gear to the employees. If they do not, you can take action against them. 

  • Conduct safety programs with mandatory participation. 

Most eye-related injuries happen because victims do not realize the dangers and the consequences of their actions. Conducting safety programs that convey the importance of eye protection and what could happen if the injury occurs can educate the employees. The program should also include tips on how they can minimize the risks. Lastly, the employer should make a rule of 100% participation in the program so that no one skips it. 

  • Ensure a comfortable fit. 

Wearing the right protective gear is important, but wearing the right size is crucial. A size too small will cause irritation during work, while a size too big may fall off several times during the day. Employers should ensure the right and comfortable fit. 

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