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How much does the value of your car? If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars every year on insurance, then you should consider buying a security system.

Your vehicle is probably the biggest asset you own, so protecting it is important. In addition to regular maintenance, you should also take steps to prevent thieves from stealing your car.

There are several ways to protect your car from being stolen. The most common way is to install a security system. These systems usually include sensors that detect movement or sounds outside the vehicle. They can alert you via phone call, text message, email, or even through a dashboard display. Other systems may use alarm devices and remote monitoring equipment.

The next best step you can take is to park in well-lit areas with ample visibility. Also make sure there aren’t any high-traffic routes near where you leave your car. It’s always better if you can find parking at night, but not necessary—you still need to be careful with how easily someone could sneak up while you’re asleep.

Make sure your windows are locked. This includes all of them; if you leave an open window, a thief could get into your vehicle. Even if you have an automatic lock, make sure it doesn’t become disabled by something like a dead battery. If you keep valuables inside, make sure they are secure.

Drive carefully. Be especially mindful when passing other vehicles.

If you frequently park in garages, make sure the garage door is closed. If you park on grassy areas, check around for hiding spots or places where someone could climb over walls. Keep your trunk close enough to the driver side rear quarter panel for ease of access, but out of reach of small children.

Keep your doors locked. Look for visible signs of tampering. You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about thieves breaking into your car. However, you still need to remain vigilant and aware of who might try to enter your vehicle. For example, your driver’s door should never be left unlocked, whether you’re leaving the vehicle unattended or just walking away from it. You should always inspect each latch after locking the door and ensure it has been properly latched.

Keep your vehicle fueled and ready to go. Thieves will often steal a vehicle at a time when its owner isn’t home. Make sure you have sufficient gas in the tank before departing. An empty tank makes it easier to run off with your vehicle.

Parking in an enclosed space such as a garage or a driveway with no exit is a good idea. Park only in places where theft is unlikely. Don’t risk your vehicle getting damaged from parking in areas where vandalism happens often or where the parking lot lights are turned off.

Avoid putting valuable items in your trunk, including tools and clothing. Many people do this because they don’t want to take their belongings with them. But it actually puts your possessions at greater risk of becoming stolen. A thief can look into your trunk while you wait in line for groceries, then grab everything you’ve put in there.

Even if you place some of your personal belongings in your vehicle, think twice before doing so. This adds more opportunities for thieves to break in (and take what they want).

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