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If we talk about teens and car insurance, the combination of both terms can be an expensive job for you. If you choose the option to add your 17 year old female or male driver to your policy, it can result in the rise of your premium. It could be something around 50% or even could be double depending on your chosen insurance company.

We also can’t ignore the fact that accidents by the teen drivers between the ages 15 to 19 are higher than drivers of another age group. No doubt that most of the auto insurance companies charge high premium rates for teen drivers, but some discounts and other measures can help you to lower this rate.


Ways to lower the car insurance for 17 year old drivers

1. Encourage your teen to score good grades

Many insurers offer discounts to teens who gain good grades in their high school. Many top-rated car insurance companies offer a good student discount to teens. They have different factors to consider as well as have different discount percentages from state to state. It means that the amount of discount your teen will get completely depends on the state you live in.

Most probably, car insurance for 17 yr old girl or a boy can be somewhat ranging from 5% to 20%. But, it can be more in the case of an extraordinary student.


2. Make your teen enroll to the safe-driving course

Teens’ accident rates are higher than drivers in other groups. Many insurance companies offer a discount to the teens that have passed the safe driving course. The main reason is to promote safe driving among young drivers and reduce the risk of accidents so far.

Such a course not only helps in improving skills behind the wheel but also encourages teens to drive safely while on the road. Enrolling in such a course means less prone to accidents and safe on the road. Once you complete this course, you may be entitled to a discount that differs from one state to another.


3. Distant student discounts

If your teen is attending a school far away from home, that is somewhat at least 100 miles, he/she may be eligible for a distant student discount. There are many insurance companies that offer a discount when you choose to remove your teen’s name temporarily from your current policy.

Many insurers do not recommend this to be done as your teen is more likely to return home anytime, like in holidays or vacation during the year, and may drive your car.


4. Give your teen an older car to drive

There is no doubt that every new driver wants to drive a gleaming new car. But, this would be quite expensive for the parents, especially when they look for car insurance for their 17 year old female or male. So, buying an older car may help a lot in reducing premiums as compared to a newer car.

When it comes to the car insurance 17 year old female average, they too have lower premiums than male drivers. No matter whether you are looking for car insurance for your teen girl or a boy, make sure to check the safety features in an older car.


5. Make use of electronic devices

Encourage your 17 year old driver to install electronic devices that help you in monitoring the driving habits of your teen. So, it would be good to look for companies that offer such devices. This way you get a complete record online and let your teen learn safe driving based on it.

These devices not only help in monitoring and learning safe driving, but also help in saving money by getting discounts once your teen meets certain benchmarks.

To save your precious dollars on the car insurance for your 17-years old teen, you can take the help of experts at Alias Insurance. They make you understand the different options and discounts to take benefits of and reduce premium rates.

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