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Are you trying to sell your car but don’t have the title? You’re not alone – many people find themselves in this situation. But it is still possible to successfully sell your car even without a clear title in hand. This blog provides key tips and strategies to reassure buyers and protect both parties. Learn how to explain your title situation, draft important paperwork, arrange temporary registration, set a title resolution timeline, and consider using an escrow service. Follow these steps and know the answer to your question about how to “sell my car without title

Explain Your Situation 

If a potential buyer asks about the title, be upfront about why you don’t have it. Explain if it was lost, if there is a lien on it you are still paying off, or whatever the reason may be. Give as many details as possible so the buyer understands your situation and feels more comfortable with the sale. Leaving out important details could raise red flags and cause the buyer to back out of the deal. Being transparent from the start builds trust when wanting to sell my car for cash today.

Get a Bill of Sale 

Even without a title, you’ll still want to draft a bill of sale when selling the car. A bill of sale acts as a receipt and documents the sale. Be sure to include both buyer and seller names and signatures, the vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage, sale price, and sale date on the bill of sale. Having this signed document provides both parties with a record of the transaction and ownership exchange, even without the title itself. 

Arrange Temporary Tags and Registration 

In many areas, the buyer will need some form of temporary registration and tags to legally drive the vehicle until the title transfer is complete. Work with the buyer to arrange this. You may need to sign over a power of attorney so they can register it in their name temporarily. Or the buyer can apply for a bonded title from the DMV as the new registered owner while the title issue is resolved. Make sure to discuss this part of the process upfront.

Agree on Title Resolution Timeline

Both parties will want to agree on a timeline for resolving the title issue. Whether that means you paying off the lien by a certain date, replacing a lost title, or other steps – have a clear plan in writing. Also agree what will happen if the timeline is not met, such as the buyer backing out of the sale or getting their money back. This protects both parties and ensures the title transfer will be completed.

Examine an Escrow Company 

More assurance and tranquility of mind throughout the transaction may be obtained by using an impartial third-party escrow provider. The buyer’s sale proceeds would be held by the escrow provider until you provide clear title. They adhere to the established schedule and only give you access to the money when the title has been transferred. Even though an escrow involves extra costs, it shields the buyer from danger and guarantees payment when you fulfill your half of the title settlement agreement.


Even though selling a car without a clean title is more difficult, it is still possible as long as the proper paperwork and contracts are in place. Important actions include being clear, having signed documentation, setting up temporary registration, and deciding on deadlines. The best protection could come from an escrow. By using these pointers, you may reassure a customer as well as sell your car without having the title in your possession. Just be ready to quickly settle the title dispute as soon as the car is transferred.

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