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When temperatures are below freezing point outside, life can stagnate and, in some instances, cause marriages to become the same. As a husband, this time of the year gives you a good opportunity to get cozy with your wife. If you would like to spice your marriage, read on to find out how you can do so. Here are the top 5 ways to spice up your marriage:

1.Evaluate Your Marriage

Think about where your marriage is and its journey. Are there any bad habits that have crept in? However, avoid focusing on the bad parts only. Also, focus on what is going well. Find out from your wife what she thinks is going well in your marriage and what she would like more in your marriage. Spend some time thinking about the good things together and focus on these.

  1. Spend More Quality Time with Your Wife

During the cold seasons, things may slow down. Consider doing the same thing with your marriage by slowing down and looking for ways to spend more time with your spouse. You can take a morning off from work, drop your kids at school, and get back in bed with your spouse.

After your children go to bed, put some music on, light some candles or a fire in the fireplace, drink wine together, and get cozy on the couch. Get a babysitter and go out and do things you used to do together before you had children. Get alone time with your wife. She needs alone time with you and so do you. Alone time can lead to the bedroom, if you are looking to spice things up read these Erectin reviews.

  1. Try Doing Something New Together

It may be time to add adventure to your marriage. Create a list of the things you and your wife have always wanted to do and rank them in terms of those that excite you and your wife the most. Ensure that you try what is on the list. Set aside the time and money (if there is a cost).

  1. Speak Your Wife’s Love Language

Nothing makes a relationship stronger than feeling known and cared for. Understanding and speaking another person’s language is an important ingredient for connection. As such, it is good to find out about your wife’s love language and speak it on a regular basis.

  1. Touch Your Wife More Often

This isn’t just sexual touching. It is also about casual touches throughout the day. For instance, as you pass by your wife in the kitchen, put your hands on her shoulders, and kiss her cheek. If you are watching TV with her, massage her neck or hold her hand. Hug her for no reason at all. These little touches throughout the day are very important as they will warm her to you and maybe lead to more intimacy in bed.

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