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Step 1: make entry more difficult

Master plan “Insect-free home Dubai UAE

Especially in the warm season, people like to sleep with the windows open and also have the windows and doors open during the day to cool the apartment. We’re presenting you tips to get rid of ants in Dubai UAE. This pleases the uninvited visitors. A proven home remedy against insects are odors, Wasps, mosquitoes and flies have a distinct “smell” for sweet, fat and proteins, but feel repelled by some other scents. The following fragrant home remedies against insects have proven effective:

  • Lavender
  • Citrus fruits
  • Cloves
  • Peppermint

Basil, tomatoes and garlic are also among the plants that emit repellent scents. Now, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to set up scented bouquets, spread lavender sachets all over the home in addition to the bedroom closet, or spray essential oils. Although clove oil is an extremely effective home remedy against insects, many people also find it unpleasant.

If you don’t want to put “scent defense” guns in place, try to avoid attracting intense odors. If you would like to keep your insects free home Dubai, do not leave food open on the dining room table in summer, but cover it and store it in the refrigerator. Especially the fruit or fruit flies are otherwise quickly at hand. Empty bottles, beverage cans or used glasses should also always be put away if your goal is an insect-free home.

The most effective way of preventing pests from entering the house is to use insect screens. Such fly screens are attached to the doors and windows and are available in quite different designs. Simple versions consist of a Velcro tape, which is glued into the frame with the adhesive side. The other side works with the supplied fabric, which is cut to window size, just like Velcro: press on and pull off. In other models, the mesh is fitted into a metal frame, which in turn is mounted with a fitting or hinge in the door or window frame or reveal. Window manufacturers offer ready-made insect screens as accessories. Even for an insect-free apartment with a skylight, the specialized trade has solutions. You can also hire Disinfection and sanitization Services Dubai for your insects free home.

Step 2: If the apartment is already infested with insects – home remedies against insects.

Despite all prevention, it is not always possible to avoid insects or arachnids getting into the apartment. The simplest remedy is the chemical club. But this is not advisable as long as you can remedy the situation with other measures. Not only for reasons of principle, but also for the sake of your own health, all other options should be exhausted first. We highly recommend Deep Cleaning Services Dubai UAE along these home remedies. Biocide vaporizers, which are plugged into the socket, create an insect-free apartment in no time, but do not remain without effect on the human organism. Irritated eyes and mucous membranes, headaches and dizziness are possible consequences. You can also destroy the animals “mechanically”, for example with a vacuum cleaner, but even that should only be the last resort, because: ask the frogs – insect protection is species protection! So instead of fighting, the only thing left to do is to drive them away.

What are the home remedies for insects?

Spray ant streets and places where the creepy-crawlies stay with a 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar. The animals do not like the acid and it will confuse them and drive them away. Locate the entry point and seal it.

Flying bugs and useful “flying objects” – but still annoying – are drawn to the light. Take advantage of this behavior. Darken the rooms where they buzz and provide a light gap at the window or door. As a rule, the insects will fly outside on their own. In the event of a wasp approach, it is important to remain calm. Wild flailing and blowing makes the animals aggressive. If they cannot be lured outdoors (for example, with the light trick described above), the only thing that can help is a fragrance lamp. Essential lavender or peppermint oil are scents that the black and yellow pests can’t stand. A nice side effect: these fragrances have a calming effect on us humans – so perhaps not only the high temperatures become more bearable, but also the flying pests.

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