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Custom Sticker Printing Tips & Tricks : Sun Print Solutions

Printing custom stickersis a fantastic approach to strengthen your marketing initiatives and raise brand recognition. But many businesses also utilise stickers in more practical ways, such for file tagging, large mailings, and user-friendly archiving solutions.

May get the most of your printing dollar by carefully considering the form, size, and material of your custom sticker design. Click here for more information about printing!

Options for Custom Sticker Printing Materials

Will you use your stickers for guerrilla marketing, name tags, mailing labels, or product packaging? Do you need them to endure for years or just a little period of time? Will they be exposed to the sun’s rays or the effects of varying weather? The components you choose should correspond to the functionality you require from the finished item. Sticker printing options include employing paper or card stock, vinyl, BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), metallic materials, vellum, etc. to create your stickers in sheets or rolls. The more robust the printing substance you use, the longer you need your stickers to endure.

Choosing the Size and Shape of Your Custom Sticker

You have a selection of common sizes and forms, including round, oval, square, and rectangular. Alternatively, you may select any bespoke size and shape you like. You may choose a form for your custom stickers design that is genuinely unique using kiss-cut and die-cut stickers. Instead of printing your company’s logo on a template with a typical form (oval, square, etc.), you might, for instance, have your design cut into the shape of your company’s logo. The price of your sticker printing project will go up if you select a custom shape and size, but the increased cost could only be a little amount given the number you intend to purchase. You may either cut your stickers into individual pieces or take them in rolls if you decide to have them printed in roll shape.

How to Create Custom Stickers for Printing

It’s time to create the design once you’ve selected the sticker printing material, size, and form. Putting together the artwork you wish to utilise, including any logos, typefaces, images, etc., is required here. Make sure your artwork has a resolution that will enable it to generate the intended outcome. Choose your colours right now as well. Speak with your printing firm about utilising a Pantone colour match ink if your logo or service mark requires a precise colour match. Additionally, you may select a glossy or matte finish for your stickers and add any special coatings you like, such as UV protection for stickers that will be used outdoors.

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