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Throughout my blogging journey, I have always made sure that I am honest with my readers. Today I am sharing my story of how I got scammed online and how I got to know that I am being scammed. Let me also say that, for a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have been able to write this story if it wasn’t for a fund recovery company called charge backing. As you all know, I am a huge online shopper. 

Following TikTok and fashion trends is my description. I came across an Instagram ad for trendy clothes. The page looked legit with links to their PayPal and whatnot. I ended up placing an order of $350 for clothes. To my dismay, I actually ended up paying everything I had in my bank account for five pieces of clothing. The company hacked into my bank account and made a transaction on various platforms without my knowledge. The moment I got to know that my bank account had nothing but $30 left, I knew my world had been destroyed. 

I started panicking, and I searched for a credible fund recovery site online. This was when I came across charge backing. The team took me in full confidence, and thus I provided them with the details of my scam. They put together a team of experts and ended up recovering my money in a matter of 4 weeks. Now that I have regained my money back, here are some tips for you to save yourself from being scammed online. But hey, even if you get scammed, charge backing is always there to save us. 

Shopping Online? Start by Answering The Following Questions 

  • Is the website safe to use? 

The first security check you should perform the next time you visit an e-commerce site is to look at the address bar in the upper left corner of the page. Take a look at the page’s URL. Is it an HTTP / HTTPS connection? Many experts from Chargebacking recommend that individuals should make use fo websites which have “HTTPS” in its URL as the “S” in the URL stands for a secure domain. This means that the website is authetic and is registered in a hosting. 

  • Is the website trustworthy? 

Trust me; you don’t want to do business with untrustworthy websites or pages—sites that are home to a slew of hackers and cybercriminals or sell phony goods and scam customers. You want to do business with well-known websites. But how do you know if a website is trustworthy? 

You have a look at it. Run a background check on anything you buy from an online retail store before you buy it. Check the page to see if other customers have tried it and analyze their feedback.

  • Is it possible that the offer is too good to be true? 

Fake e-commerce websites advertise deals that are too good to be true. Discounts aren’t the only thing they’re offering. It isn’t a promotional season. The website will run an unbelievable price tag that is too good to be true. 

  • Is the contact information on the website accurate? 

You might wish to double-check the contact information on the website where you’re shopping. Almost all businesses, as a general rule, list their contact information on their website’s “Contact” page, including their email address, address, and number. You can use the contact information to decide whether or not the retail store is legitimate.

Some internet consumers lose hope completely, believing that they would never get their money back after being cheated. While getting your money back after being ripped off online is difficult, there are several options, and the one reliable one I can recommend is charge backing

Happy purchasing, and keep it safe.

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