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Tips You Should Know To Improve The Performance Of Your Old Car

The way people treat their old cars after the functionality starts reducing has a lot to do with how they will treat the new car as well. How long your car will be able to function properly without causing hindrances in the performance is dependent on how you are maintaining your car on a daily basis.

Car owners who do not focus on daily maintenance of their cars, will need to buy new cars very soon. But if you are a car owner and you want to expand the life of your car or improve its performance, you need to contact the best mechanics in Perth.

There are certain things you can also do to improve the performance of your old car and maintain it properly. Here are 6 things you can do to improve performance of your old car:

1. Replace The Exhaust

Much like the living beings, cars or other vehicles also have to intake fresh air in order to power itself. In short, the vehicle also consumes air and releases by-products through the exhaust system. Sometimes when the car has been used for many years, the exhaust system may give away.

In such situations, you should replace the exhaust with an original manufacturer equipment of the same car model. Once you replace the exhaust, you will be able to run your car faster and the emissions will also decrease. Furthermore, the engine will also become more efficient and you don’t need to spend a lot on car service in Perth.

2. Take The Help Of Forced Induction

If you are trying to improve the performance of your old car, your car mechanic may suggest you to take the help of forced induction. As you already know that the car utilizes a flow of air through energy combustion in the exhaust system.

But the efficiency of the system highly depends upon the force induction system which helps in maximizing the potential of your car to intake the cold air. When the cold air enters the vehicle, it is directed towards the engine that needs the cold air to remain cool. Otherwise it can cause serious accidents.

3. Change The Tires

A car that has been used for more than 6-7 years need to have the tires changed at one point of time. That’s because if you have been running the vehicle on the road for a longer period of time, there are chances that the tires have become thinner.

You do not want to run your car on thin tires which can get easily damaged by the rough terrain or obstacles on the road. So the best way to improve the performance of your car is to upgrade the tires from a nearby auto repair shop.

4. Buy Cold Air Intake

Your car needs a good supply of air when it is running as that will keep the vehicle working without problems. Without air, the engine might not work perfectly and you might also have issues in running the car at a full speed.

  • So most people who feel that their cars are getting old because the car is not able to get the full speed need to buy a good quality cold air intake.

  • Once you buy this mechanism, it will help in improving the amount of air intake capacity of your car. The more cold air your engine is able to receive, more it will boost the power.

5. Get A Performance Chip For Engine

If you are thinking about upgrading your engine, it is best not to do so because you will not find the right quality of engine for your car model. Also, it will be too expensive on your part to invest in the engine. It would rather be better if you buy a new car instead.

However, one way to upgrade your engine is why installing a performance chip in it which will automatically boost your engine performance. It will automatically regulate the fuel-to-air ratio and also help in fuel injector cleaning.

6. Replace Spark Plugs

You do not want to overlook the ignition system if you are willing to improve the performance of your old car. So when you notice that there is an issue of ignition and the engine is not able to work perfectly, it is a hint that your car’s spark plugs are not working properly. In this situation, if you get the help of a new pair of spark plugs, it will help in conducting electricity better. It will automatically improve your engine efficiency and help you in avoiding ignition misfires.

Maintenance of your car is very important even though it is a brand new one. You must get all the servicing along with logbook servicing done, so that your car is able to provide you the right function for a long period of time.

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