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If you’ve got a bit of land or pasture to mow, you need the right equipment to keep it healthy, tidy and in good condition. You may be considering whether one, or two, of a selection of topper mowers, could be the addition you need to add to your resources whether you’re in the business of agriculture or horticulture, a  hobbyist farmer on a small lifestyle block or smallholding, or just looking for a new toy for your implement shed. So, with that in mind, here’s a rough guide to what a topper mower is, and what to consider.

What Is A Topper Mower?

First things first, topper mowers are named to describe exactly what they do, plain and simple. Yes, that is that they take off the top of the grass or pasture. There’s no rocket science or clever marketing names and tactics involved there, just some good old common sense in saying it is was it is! However, we do live in a world of choice! This means you can find all manner of shapes and sizes of topper remote control mowers brisbane, along with a range of features for different environments.

Where Are Topper Mowers Used?

Generally speaking, topper mowers with rotary blades are best suited to fields and pastures with flatter ground and terrain. Factors that come into play in your choice of an agricultural mower include whether your paddock or area to be mowed is completely flat, sloped, or a steep gradient. Also, think about whether you’re cutting grass alone, and the nature of the grass or plant matter to be cut and how regular maintenance of it can improve the quality of your pasture. Grasses and plants including weeds, thistles, and light scrub aren’t all created equal in terms of how they are sliced and thrive or subside. Have you got any roughage such as branchy wood remnants or small stones to contend with? Then, of course, there is the end result and the length of grass and type of surface you want to end up with after the job is done!

How Does A Topper Mower Work?

Topper mowers work in much the same uncomplicated way as a traditional rotary lawnmower. Two or more rotating blades underneath a metal deck housing or carrier spin to cut and slice through grass and plant matter. Usually towed to the rear of a tractor or quadbike, the grass is discharged from the mower in lines or rows as you move along. Some models can also be mounted to the front of tractors.

Topper Mower Features

Topper mowers for use on pastures and paddocks do come with a few features to weigh up in your choice of what suits you and your land. Some of these include:

  • Size:

Topper mower models range in size in terms of both width and length to match the size and towing capacity of your tractor or quad bike. Along with matching the horsepower of your vehicle, think about size in terms of how much room you need to maneuver with your rotary mower on the back, this includes turning and getting the mower into any tight corners. The size of your paddocks or fields can also help determine the width of the mower you may need to efficiently mow an area within a certain length of time or a certain number of rows.

  • Adjustable Height:

 Most models have the ability to adjust the cutting height, so you can opt for a closer or longer cut pasture as needed. Don’t forget to look for mowers with the appropriate underbody clearance to suit both your terrain and your towing vehicle. The amount of underbody clearance can also affect drag when you are towing, it’ll slow you down if it’s not sized to match the towing capacity of your tractor or quad bike. So make sure your horsepower ratings correspond to make it an easier, more efficient, and safer job.

  • Rollers:

Rollers attached to the underside of some models of rotary mowers can have multiple functions. They are practical in that they are designed to help with the motion of a mower and to flatten out any foreign matter, such as soft bark or wood rubbish. Rollers can also add a better and slightly fatter finishing touch.

  • Safety Chains:  

Last but not least, think safety first, always! Safety chains not only help protect people from the risk of accidental injury in the event your mower accidentally comes off. Safety chains will also help prevent the risk of accidental damage to your mower should it accidentally detach while you are in motion.

The choice of mulchers and mowers can make all the difference in getting a job done quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Top it all off and lop it all off quickly and efficiently – the basic design and cutting principle of topper mowers with rotary blades have been around for a long time for good reason!

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