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Combination toilet-bidet: the best choice for bathrooms 

People with disabilities can appreciate the benefits of the toilet bidet combo, which combines the best of the traditional dresser and the French system of toilet-bidet. This is why.

The bidet combination is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. as more and more people realize the benefits of using these very types of toilet systems. Issues of advanced hygiene, preservation and ease of use bring it to the forefront when it comes to modernizing the bathroom, designing a new one, or adding new accessories.

Especially those with disabilities can appreciate the benefits that are provided through a combined toilet bidet, which is a combination of 

from a traditional dresser and French bidet into one system.

Combination bidet for the toilet is gaining popularity

A bidet is a typical European toilet, which has been installed in houses and public places for years. It is a convenient paperless way to wash after the toilet. 

Traditionally, Americans were “distracted” from the use of the toilet system, where there was no toilet paper to ensure cleanliness, and instead they preferred an ordinary toilet. Most of both preferences are based on personal habits and cultural traditions of the user. 

As for the growing interest in toilet combinations, John Yates from HGTV states:

“Bidets are common in Europe, Latin America and Japan, where people use them because they are considered the best way to stay clean. People who do not use a bidet are considered unsanitary. 

As in America, it’s a matter of custom and habit to use a bidet. In countries where a bidet is available in every home, it is difficult to change their habits, and they will use the sink in the bathroom as a bidet unless there is another alternative”

Also, in recent years, smart toilet is becoming very popular.

The best bidet companies

America has no real interest in installing traditional bidets in most US homes. However, in recent years, many companies have developed toilet bowls for residential homes that combine the best of both systems into one: a combined toilet-bidet. Each company has its own specialization and offers a unique set of features that you should explore before choosing the right permanent or portable bidet system for disabled showers or more traditional bathrooms for people with disabilities.

This ingenious product is a toilet seat for a bidet that can be attached to a regular dressing table, making it a bidet system while retaining the traditional dresser. There are options for cleaning with water or paper, or both. 

Benefits for the disabled

People with disabilities can benefit from using these systems in disabled bathrooms, especially if the user has no mobility in his hands or has mobility problems that make it difficult to clean with paper. Many people with disabilities can use the combined toilet-bidet, which makes going to the toilet much easier and more hygienic.

Yates also says that 

“…many bidet models marketed in the U.S. are designed for installation on an ordinary toilet to create a combination, one-fixture-does-all unit…Americans may also be attracted by the ingenuity of these units.”

Various functions are available

Many different functions are available in different models, such as:

  • front and rear warm water nozzles
  • portable bidets
  • automatic dehumidifiers
  • heated seats 
  • deodorants

Typical prices

Prices are, of course, reflected in how luxurious or basic the model you choose, and can range from $300 to $500 for a basic toilet-bidet combination to over $1,500 for designer models. 

While the benefits of installing a WC/bidet for normal home use are obvious, there are even more important benefits for people with disabilities. When building a new bathroom for people with disabilities or upgrading a bathroom for people with disabilities, you may consider installing this type of toilet system to maximize overall utility. 

Combination toilet-bidet is also ideal for a bathroom with a universal design in the home so that everyone can easily use the same facilities.

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