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housing society in Pakistan

Investing in the real estate sector is considered one of the most profitable and cost-effective. With the development of magnificent housing societies, the real estate industry is reaching skywards. Affordable and fruitful investments, security, luxurious and healthy lifestyle, green collar, remarkable infrastructure, exceptional layout, and ravishing amenities are some of the salient features of spectacular housing societies in Pakistan. Housing societies in Pakistan aspire to transform their residents’ attitudes, behavior, and lifestyle, providing them with every bliss of life.

Housing Societies in Pakistan

Progressive and spectacular housing societies have changed the dynamics of the real estate sector in Pakistan. These revolutionary residential complexes are heaven on earth. That aims to provide high-end facilities, aesthetically pleasing landscapes, and cutting-edge technology with high-profit margins. There are hundreds and thousands of housing societies with well-developed housing schemes in Pakistan; some of them are still in a state of underdevelopment. Few of them are enlisted below.

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Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

DHA is a renowned and well-known housing society located in most of the cities of Pakistan. The developers and owners have carefully developed DHA, providing high-end facilities and high living standards. Ideal location, striking infrastructure, exceptional layout, and all the basic and luxurious amenities are provided to the residents.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town is the garden of Eden. It comprises of high-end infrastructure and incredible layout providing its residents with world-class amenities. Bahria Town is undoubtedly a city within a city which is located in the major cities of Pakistan. It is one of the most spectacular housing societies. Bahria Town is the name pop-ups in the mind of people while talking about the luxurious and high standard of living.

Taj Residencia

After completing Centaurus Mall, Sardar Group of Companies is ready to set the stage on fire with their recently launched revolutionary housing scheme Taj Residencia. Taj residencia is a premium housing society situated away from the chaos of the city yet connected to the city, adjacent to the I-14 sector. It is sanctioned under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The magnificent housing society offers a healthy lifestyle, peace and comfort, well-organized infrastructure and map, and a 24/7 supply of basic utilities, including gas, water, and electricity. Taj Residencia will become your one-stop destination for an extravagant lifestyle and profitable investments.

Top City Islamabad

Contemporary, economical, and eco-friendly are some of the words that perfectly describe the Top situated in Islamabad, nearby Islamabad International Airport. The commercial area of Top City is well developed comprised of gigantic shopping malls, spectacular resorts, and hotels. The splendacious housing society fulfills all the needs of its residents, from basic to luxurious. There are swimming pools, gyms, lake view parks, parks, 24/7 uninterrupted supplies, educational institutes, golf clubs, hospitals; everything is just a step away in Top City.

Park View City

Park View City, situated at the IV Zone of Islamabad near Bani Gala. It is a glorious initiative by Vision Group. Park View City has it all, cutting-edge technology, gentle breeze, dazzling rays of the sun, luxurious amenities, strategic location, profitable investment, 24/7 electricity, water and gas, IMAX cinema, and 3D technology. Park View City is a futuristic state-of-art development. The housing society is close to nature, providing its residents with breath-taking views, botanical gardens, and magnificent hills. It will soon be endorsed under Capital Development Authority (CDA), approved housing societies have a greater chance of rapid development.

Blue World City

After constructing magnificent complexes like Lahore Central Park, PIA co-operative society, a blue group of companies is elated to present you with Blue World City. A sophisticated and luxurious society situated near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). In addition to providing a healthy and luxurious lifestyle to its inhabitants, the mission behind the development of Blue World City is to accommodate the Chinese citizens associated with the CPEC and frequently visit Pakistan. The distinctive feature of Blue World City that makes this residential complex unique is its phenomenal infrastructure that resembles the well-known and renowned landmarks of the world. For instance, Blue Mosque in Turkey, Water theme park in Asia, and Burj-ul-Arab in Dubai.

Best Housing Society in Lahore:

Lahore is one of Pakistan’s major cities, comprising many progressive and well-developed housing societies. Enlisted are some of the top-rated housing societies in Lahore that aspire to provide a luxurious lifestyle to the people.

Dream Housing Society Lahore

The dream housing society is a spectacular community located at the Raiwind Road nearby Lahore Ring Road. The marvelous project of Dream Housing Pvt Ltd. is categorized under one of the best housing societies of Lahore. It will soon be sanctioned by Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The housing society has a strategic location that can be accessed from many different spots in Lahore, including Lahore Ring Road. The master plan of this magnificent society is developed by hundreds and thousands of experts comprising of residential and commercial plots. The magnificent mosque, green collar, 24/7 supply of utilities, cemetery, walking zones, commercial hubs, educational institutes, hospitals, security are some of the salient features of this best housing society in Lahore.

Park View City Lahore

Park View City is another incredible residential complex in Lahore, having a central location that can be accessed easily from different spots. It can be accessed from Defence Road, M-2, National Highway, Multan Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Raiwand Road. The masterplan of this striking housing scheme comprises many different blocks, including the Jasmine, Platinum, and Rose block. The society offers delightful amenities and comfort to its residents, making their life easy breezy.

Rudn Enclave is also one of the best housing societies.

Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is located outside of the main Lahore to provide an extravagant and healthy lifestyle away from the hustle-bustle and pollution of a city. However, residents can access it easily from the Lahore Ring Road. Although the entire masterplan of Lahore Smart City is not publicized till now, it is known that the society consists of different blocks. For instance, General blocks, overseas blocks, executive block, farmhouses, educational blocks, gate precincts, and many more. The progressive and futuristic project launched by Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. Lahore Smart City is your ticket to the wonderland providing a luxurious and healthy life to its residents.

Wrapping up, the development of housing societies in Pakistan has elevated the real estate industry. All the housing societies aspire to provide luxurious life and profitable investment to their residents. We have discussed some of the well-developed and emerging housing schemes in Pakistan and recommend our precious readers invest in such housing societies to accomplish a high standard of living and cost-effective investments.

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