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Want to master the tricky action games?? For that, you need to be an active player. New into gaming?? New or old does not matter if you have the zeal to play. Want to play the most trending action games? We have prepared a list of those games for you.

A person who claims themselves to be gamers must be onto action games. Late teens and young youths mostly remain preoccupied with action games out of their sheer interest. Action games not only gift a pleasure pass time but also arouses a competitive mentality among the players.

Although prolonged hours of play are being noticed in some people which arouses certain physical problems in body mechanics, so it is always advised to buy comfortable gaming chair for an uninterrupted gaming session. It will cost you a few extra bucks, but it will help you maintain an erect posture which is more important in the long run. A good gaming computer chair fits your body size and posture and allows you to sit both ergonomically and comfortably so that you can play the game comfortably without worrying about body aches.

Let us discuss the top 10 action games as of recent surveys (2020)

#1- Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)- PUBG is the most played action game as of now. It is a multiplayer game which increases the interaction with co-players. PUBG is competent on both Android and iOS platforms making it accessible by most of the people.

#2- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD)- A popular first-person shooting game, the one most sold in the Call of Duty series. The customizable multiplayer component coupled with the thrilling campaign makes this game favorite of most of the gamers.

#3- Shadow fight 2- A trending yet classic action game for all age groups. Shadow fight 2 mod apk is available free of cost is ready to be installed version in the Android play store.

#4- Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival– The approach of this game is absolutely off the track. It is a first-person action game where the player is a survival of the zombie apocalypse.

#5- Modern Combat 5: Blackout- A prestigious game from the house of Gameloft, this game allows both single and multiplayer access. The game is primarily the first-person shooter but missions are included on helicopters and boats to boost the gaming experience.

#6- Injustice 2– Developed with the backdrop of DC Universe, this game has gained instant popularity since its release in 2017. Customization of character appearances is a specialty of this game.

#7- Mortal Kombat X– A realistic storyline, smooth controls, and the dedicated graphics make this game an extraordinary in the list of action games. Both single and multiplayer mode is allowed.

#8- Garena Free Fire– The most downloaded game of 2019, the main objective of this game is to stay alive as long as possible to win the game.

#9- LifeAfter– A game with a taste of horror survival, this is available for free of cost in both Android and iOS platforms. It denotes the survival of humanity in the post-apocalyptic world.

#10- Ailment– Available only on the Android platform, Ailment is a pixel art action game with the background of a spaceship in some faraway galaxy.


As a gamer, now take up your action in playing these mind-blowing action games which you will never regret. But remember to sit erect preferably on a gaming chair, to avoid any future physical ailments. It is your time, so dive into the action games and enjoy!!!

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