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When it comes to home inspection, many people assume it as work emphasizing on damagesand repairing report. But, it’s not true actually! Home inspection is a complex process that certified professionals should only handle.

Due to this work complexity, beginners often wonder, “should I become a home inspector? Is this career really in demand?” Yes, it is! Home inspection is a booming industry for many legit reasons. A career as a Home Inspection School can benefit you in plenty of ways, job security, the opportunity to work independently, and the ability to help others.

Doesn’t sound convincing? Keep scrawling down and learn the top ten thoughtful reasons why you must take a step toward this lucrative career.

Are Home Inspectors in Demand? What are the Reasons?

Here are the top 10 reasons;

#1: Learn New Things You Wouldn’t Have Learned Before

Training for certified home inspection helps you master new skills like operating drones and thermography aircraft. This is great news if your background consists of other trades, as it aligns with current facts about construction techniques in America today.

The best technology to learn about is drone technology – a new advancement in home inspections. With a certification course, you can learn how to operate this powerful tool that allows for an advanced roof inspection and aerial thermography views, which add value when inspecting homes

#2: Boost up Your Skills &Knowledge

A home inspection can put you at the crux! This can affect your previously developed skills anyhow. Thus, being a certified home inspector your existing skills will get refresh, and develop learning about something you might be familiar about.

The home inspection training will redevelop your interest in addressing asbestos, mold detection, lead, and other home hazards. And it can also refresh your memory about inspecting commercial property or disaster situations; this will open new avenues of work opportunity.

#3: Earn a New Credential for Marketing &Advertising Strategies

Home Inspector Academy solely rely on referrals, yet effective marketing is required to attract new customers. The more profitable you’ll sound to customers, the more things you’ll likely get to work with.

Adding a “certified home inspector” tag to your business cards, handouts, and website will provide many opportunities to promote yourself and your business.

#4: Make you Trustworthy & Skillful near Real Estate Agents

Certification is the way to go for real estate agents in competitive markets! With so many inspectors available with these qualifications, it can be hard for you to stand out from among them all.

However, when people know that their choice includes an inspector who has been certified by some prestigious organization like the “National Home Inspectors Association (NHI),” they will have more confidence knowing exactly what kind of standards you’ll have.

Thus, the real estate agents will trust you more and your skills.

#5. Makes You Presentable Across State Lines

If you live close to the state line but can’t work across it, certification is easy for your skills and talents to be more widely recognized in another jurisdiction.

Check with neighboring states’ licensing boards before taking on any new clients or expanding into different areas of expertise where they might require licenses/certifications – this includes criminal background checks.

#6 No Need to Work under Anyone – Be Your Boss

As a certified home inspector, you can take control of your career and your future by working as your boss. As an employee, you have to pursue company policies, witness layoffs, work in a controlled/structured working environment, and earn a fixed income.

But, when you work for yourself, you are your boss, taking self-decisions.

#7 Work AS Per Your Required Flexible Hours

Home inspections offer much flexibility! Home Inspection careers don’t need to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can earn anywhere between $50k -$65K annually, depending on where in the country that particular profession falls into.

#8 Low Startup& Overhead Costs

Many people who choose home inspector careers usually prefer to work from their homes. After completing home inspector training and embarking on a new career, you won’t need to rent, furnish, equip, and staff an outside office. Most of your time will be spent conducting inspections and issuing inspection reports.

To supplement your equipment with items like gloves and safety glasses, moisture meters, a ladder, an infrared camera for detecting heat patterns through thermography, or a drone to inspect rooftops.

#9 Get a Chance to Work for an Established Home Inspection Business

Let’s embrace a fact that running your own business is tough. If you want to make it in this industry, proper training and certification are essential- but don’t let them stop you.

 There are plenty of other opportunities for qualified professionals. For instance, working at established companies like building departments or architects’ offices.

Even federal agencies have jobs available if they’re looking beyond state governments (FEMA), which often pays more than comparable positions within private sector firms

#10 A Certified Home Inspector Gets Much-Needed Community Service

Do you know that around 90% of today’s homebuyers hire home inspectors?The real estate agents need a professional home inspector to find out the actual condition of a house to avoid any hidden damage after finalizing the sale.

Many home sellers also hire inspectors, whose reports help them set the home price they plan to sell. Unlike appraisers, home inspectors don’t place values on homes but rather point out existing defects or potential problem areas.

After reading these genuine reasons, you would be wondering, “from where to become a Certified Home Inspector in California? Is there any reputable home inspection training academy that could transform me from a newbie to a knowledgeable and efficient home inspector?

The FIA Inspections Academy can help you become a successful certified home inspector.

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