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Nowadays, professionals and home cooks are looking for the healthiest cookware brands for cooking.  Meaning, most cookware brands these days provide the safest technology for healthy cooking.  Stainless steel cookware is also amongst the safest cookware option for healthy cooking.  You can find them easily in local stores and even online shopping.  

What important materials consist of safe stainless steel cookware?  The three substantial materials include iron, chromium and manganese.  In addition, these three essentials are less prone to melting.  Thus, it is recommended by the WHFoods Organization (World’s Healthiest Foods Organization), these materials have less harmful components towards the diets of many U.S. adults. 

Furthermore, researchers found out that traditional cookware contains more harmful chemicals that go directly to the food you are cooking.  Such cookware types include some nonstick pots and pans, Teflon coating, copper-based and aluminium based cookware.  Also, make sure to avoid cookware materials that have chemicals like PFOA and PTFE.  

Hence, what are some of the safest stainless steel cookware brands available in today’s market?  Some that make it to the top stainless steel cookware brands will be further discussed.  Luckily, there are 10 top brands sold in the market today that successfully eliminate materials that are harmful to our overall health.  

An Overview of the 10 Top Quality Stainless Steel Cookware Brands

The list of the 10 top stainless steel cookware brands include

  1. Made In— An American made stainless steel cookware brand, Made In is a newcomer of cookware brand.  Since 2017, Made In successfully making safe and sustainable products of kitchen utensils.  Using the best premium metals in their cookware makes cleaning easy and does not need special attention in the maintenance.  The stainless steel rivets are claimed to last long.  Plus, their products can stand for high heat and handles are resistant to heat. 
  2. Cuisinart— Cuisinart stainless steel cookware brand is not only elegant (interior and exterior wise) in its appearance, but it also completes all your cooking tasks.  Not only does it available for making stews and soups, but you can also cook almost everything.  Compatible for even heat temperature, it is also oven and dishwasher safe. Cookware Ninja recommends their MCP-12N Multiclad Pro cookware set for glass top stoves as the set comes with several features. 
  3. All-Clad— Talking about All-Clad cookware brand, they are specifically famous for the high quality of stainless steel made in the U.S.  There is no doubt, their products are made not only for local professionals but elsewhere in the world as well.  Overall, their cookware designs are highly polished and designed to cook evenly and quickly. 
  4. KitchenAid— KitchenAid is known to make luxury cookware at an affordable price.  Also, this American made stainless steel cookware brand is durable and provides both indoor and outdoor kitchen utensils.  When you are looking for this type of cookware brand, make sure you find the ones that are induction ready.  It will make your cooking easy and efficient. 
  5. T-Fal— T-Fal in another case, is a cookware brand that is built for safe and healthy cooking.  As a result, your cooking will taste delicious and fresh, as well as getting a durable performance.  Hence, their easy maintenance is a plus. 
  6. Duxtop— With sleek and modern designed cookware, Duxtop is another brand that makes the quality of kitchen appliances.  They are compatible to be cooked on stovetops, gas, electric, and halogen stoves.  Not only are they dishwasher safe, but they are also oven safe and freezer safe. 
  7. Farberware— When it comes to stainless steel cookware brand, Farberware is another well-known and trusted brand from generation to generation.  As one of the oldest brands of kitchen appliances, Farberware still able to offer quality products.  Hence, the materials used in their products protect the cookware from scratches and dents.  
  8. Cook N Home— An award-winning cookware brand, the Cook N Home cookware company offers affordable stainless steel cookware.  With modern technology, this brand offers advanced materials for even heat distribution.  Also, there is no need to use a lot of oil for cooking. 
  9. Calphalon— This stainless steel cookware brand from Calphalon will make your cooking time pleasurable and so much easier.  It is compatible with frying, boiling, and searing, to name a few.  Hence, Calphalon is one of the top stainless steel cookware brands that you can cook almost anything in the healthiest way. 
  10. Viking— Another well-known stainless steel cookware brand is the Viking.  The company is known to sell efficiently and making kitchen utensils that will last a lifetime.  For optimum comfort, the handles are designed to be ergonomic and stay cool when touched.  Be cautious when cookware is overheated (do not go over 600 degrees F) as they can be conductive. 

Hopefully, the above overview of the 10 top quality stainless steel cookware brands will guide you towards your chosen one.  There is no doubt the materials used in these cookware brands are failures.  Other than stainless steel, other materials combined to include are aluminium and magnetic steel.  Few main reasons are:

  • It allows for a complete set of benefits you can get by cooking with stainless steel (i.e. heat conduction).  
  • The insertion of the aluminium based material allows for even heating and cooking. 
  • The insertion of the aluminium material in the deep layers of the cookware helps to prevent leak. 
  • The insertion of the magnetic stainless steel allows the cookware for induction cooktops process. 
  • For easier cleaning of dishwashing, the cookware itself is layered by being polished and sturdy. 
  • With only a 3-ply structure alone was already good quality, so why bother getting a 5-ply or even 7-ply. 

In other words, you should avoid any cookware that is traditionally made from Teflon coating, pure aluminium, and copper materials.  These materials alone is not a healthy way of cooking.  Hence, the top 10 stainless steel cookware brands listed above are recommendations from consumers.  They all receive good reviews and you can use them every time you cook.  No need to worry about damaging it sooner as they all claimed to last a lifetime.

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