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Playing outdoors or indoor sports are one of the major factors by which you can live a healthy lifestyle. Sports not only improve your physical health but also help in maintaining healthy mental health. Although many people prefer watching sports rather than playing them. In fact, this is not wrong. Watching sports of both indoor and outdoor categories increase your enthusiasm and interest in that sport, further resulting and motivating you to play that sport.

This not only improves your overall health but also help in the development of your personality. But in today’s rush hour type of life, people barely have time to play any sports. So they prefer to watch their favourite sports and follow their favourite players. However, people cannot always be connected to the television to follow each and every update of the game news or their favourite serials. So it becomes very irritating to not be able to watch and follow your favourite sport due to different constraints.

The solution to this problem is sports streaming sites which not only provide a recent update but also show other sport-related stuff information. You can see different sports video, news, telecast etc. This includes all type of sports like cricket, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, chess, badminton. This article basically focuses on a different type of sports streaming site that is absolutely free and would give you a vast experience which would definitely be great and would add a pinch to your sport-loving nature. So if you are looking for some best sports streaming site other than wiziwig then this article would definitely benefit you.

1. 12th player

This site focuses more on football than any other sport. If you are a football enthusiast and you want to see different stuff related to football then this site could be your best choice. This site has a better user interface, simple layout and is completely free. You can also consider this website one of the best sports streaming websites for football. You can even subscribe to this website for all regular updates and happenings in the football.

2. Cricfree

Cricket is one of the most loved sports around the world. It has one of the largest audience in the globe. Cricfree is one of the most loved video streaming website for a cricket fan. This website also offers live TV option and telecast. Some of the additional features request a subscription which can we bought easily and is worth paying. You can see all type of cricket videos and get in touch with recent happenings in this sport.

3. VIP league

This is one of the largest websites for streaming sports videos which offer collective video of almost all sports which are loved by people around the globe. It does not only provide great entertainment sources but also sports update and live telecast. All sports which are mentioned in the international directory could be easily found out on this website. You can also check VIP Box alternatives. Therefore if you love more than one sport you can surely prefer this website over other.

4. Live TV

This website is generally used to get updates and happenings in the sports live tournaments championship and other related information. Although you cannot stream videos on this website without any subscription. It has good web portal service and customer support. You can check all type of live scores and updates for different sports around the globe.

5. SportStream

Sportstream is generally used for live streaming of matches of all sports. It has a better user interface and simple and clear layout which help users to find exactly what they need without any wastage of time. It is one of the largest websites for online streaming of sports.

6. SportP2P

This is a newly launched live streaming sports website which provides all latest feature related to sports. It gives a quick response due to its user-friendly interface. It has an option for live TV channels and other streaming services for any sports which make it fastest growing live sports streaming website.

7.Batman stream

By name, it looks like superhero-related website but actually it is a sports streaming website that enables the user to watch live matches and stream videos of more than one sport. It has huge collection of some of the best memories of different sports. Clean and easy to use user interface make it stand out of the crowd.

8.Wiziwig new

As we all know wiziwig was shut down recently due to some reasons. The developer recently developed a new website which offers all services free of cost. Here user can watch different championships and tournaments for all sports. You can check videos cricket, football, basketball, tennis, rugby, etc here.


This is one of the most popular streaming websites for any videos related to sports. If you have tried all the website which are mentioned above but could not find what you need then surely you should try this website once. This has a huge library of different sports video ranging for cricket, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, motorsport, badminton, wrestling, etc.


This website provides different videos online live streaming of different type of sports. You can watch different championships and tournament happening around the world on this website. You can also check recent updates and happenings for your favourite sport. One of the best thing about this website is that you do not have to login or register yourself on this website. It is absolutely free of cost.

These were some of the best live streaming sports websites. Hope you like this article and found it helpful.

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