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High Hemp Organic WrapsHigh Hemp Organic Wraps

Cannabis aficionados know that there’s no better vehicle for smoking herb than a premium all-natural hemp wrap. Rolling up a blunt is a great way to ensure that you’ll taste nothing but pure sweet premium green. 

Plus, these joints offer you a quick and easy smoking solution that requires few supplies. To go green with your green, what could be better than all-natural 100% pure hemp wraps? 

If you want to spiff up your next spliff, organic hemp wraps are the best way to go. You’ll get the clean flavor, a slower burn, smoother inhales, and best of all, a healthier blunt. So which hemp wraps are the best? Well, that’s what we are here to look into! 

In this in-depth guide, we will walk you through why hemp wraps are a better option for smokers from all walks of life. Then, we will go over which hemp wraps are topping the charts of Mary Jane lovers for 2020. 

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best 100% hemp organic and vegan wrap options from all over the world. 

Also, included in our list are some options that come in fancy flavors and feature CBD infusion for an even higher high! Everything on our top 15 list is tobacco and nicotine-free, so you’ll have a safe, tasty, and guilt-free toke. 

If You’re In a Hurry, Here’s a List of What We’ll Cover

  • High Hemp Herbal Wraps
  • Zags Hemp Wraps
  • Natty Organic Wraps 
  • Twisted Hemp Just Hemp Wraps
  • Beamer Vegan Wraps
  • Kingpin Wraps
  • Luxe Flavored Wraps
  • Kong Natural
  • Cyclones Sugarcane Cones
  • Kush Blunt Wraps
  • Juicy Jays Hemp
  • Hemp Zone 
  • CannaWraps
  • Lit Culture Wraps
  • RAW Hemp Papers

What Are Hemp Wraps

If you’ve never heard of hemp papers or blunt wraps, that’s okay! We’re glad you’ve found this article because we’re happy to tell you all about them. 

A hemp wrap is a blunt wrap that comes as a flat sheet of paper which is made of pure and natural hemp fibers. You can use these wraps to roll up your herb just like you would with all-natural Hemp rolling papers!  

If you’re not familiar with hemp, it’s made from the cannabis plant. The difference between hemp and marijuana is that while marijuana has THC (the chemical that gets you high) hemp tends to be THC-free.

With that being said, hemp can contain CBD. In fact, Hemp offers smokers naturally occurring CBD. Wraps that are made of hemp can naturally have a decent amount of CBD or be infused with additional CBD for an “extra-high.” 

So, if you want to take things to a whole new level, consider looking into CBD hemp wraps (we’ve listed a couple of the best CBD hemp wraps in our top 15 guide to save you time). 

Besides that, wraps made with hemp burns slower, offer thick smooth smoke, tend to taste better, and can be an amazing option for smokers who want to explore more epic options when lighting up. 

Why Try Using Hemp Wraps?

Wraps made with hemp have been getting more and more popular over the last few years. This is in part because they’re finally available to purchase online. 

In our opinion, this is freakin’ awesome!

Indeed, purchasing online saves you time, money, and lets you skip all the hassle. But why switch from traditional tobacco-based blunt wraps? Well, there are a few reasons. 

1. You Get to Go Green With Your Green

First and foremost, Ganja enthusiasts tend to agree that going green matters. Hemp is naturally sourced, extremely sustainable, and helps the environment. When you smoke using a hemp wrap, you’re pretty much doing a good deed for the planet. 

2. You’ll Savor More Flavor

Secondly, these wraps just taste better! They offer you a more pure and flavorful experience and allow you to easily savor your flavor. 

Not only that, but these wraps come in flavors specifically designed to pair well with your bud. Whether you’re unwinding with some primo OG, indulging in your Indica, or setting yourself up for Sativa fueled success, you’ll be able to please your taste buds in every sense of the word, from start to finish. 

3. They’re Healthy and Convenient

In addition to this, these clean and fresh hemp wraps are healthier than any other blunt alternative. 

While vapes are nice and bongs are a lot of fun, it can be a hassle to maintain a vape pen or set up a bong when you just want to unwind with a joint. Hemp blunt wraps are extremely convenient and are healthier than bleached papers or wraps made with chemical binders. So, you get an easier and healthier way to smoke. 

Top 15 Best Organic Hemp Wrap Options For 2020

Now that you know more about these awesome hemp wraps, here are our top 15 favorite hemp wrap options in 2020! We went ahead and included two pre-rolled options as well, but no worries, they’re also made with 100% hemp as well. Enjoy!

1. High Hemp Herbal Wraps 

Let’s kick off our list with the hemp wraps that offer a kick of natural CBD! High Hemp blunt wraps are made with 100% premium, all-natural organic hemp. 

The brand responsibly sources its hemp is grown in the Netherlands, which is quite attractive and different right off the bat. 

The company uses zero fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical solvents, meaning that these wraps are totally vegan-friendly & approved. 

In addition to that, High Hemp has an amazing reputation across the cannabis community. Their company consistently receives amazing reviews from smokers raving about how awesome their products are. 

High Hemp Organic Wraps also come with filters, which is really great news if you’re looking for a gentler and smoother smoking experience. In fact, these bad boys include two filter tips in each package. 

As far as flavor goes, well, their Grape Ape flavor is super popular. It blends all of the grape flavorings (Royale, Candice, and Concord) for an all-natural, sweet and refreshing taste. 

However, if the grape isn’t your thing, they offer a ton of other amazing flavors as well. You can pick from options like Organic, Honey Pot Swirl, Maui Mango, and refreshing Hydro Lemonade. Finally, these wraps are CBD positive naturally. So, you get that extra kick of CBD for the ultimate high. 

The fact that they naturally contain CBD and aren’t laced with it is nice as well. It adds to the whole all-natural vibe. These are an amazing hemp wrap option for any smoker!


  • Natural CBD 
  • 100% natural hemp
  • Organic
  • Amazing company with a great reputation
  • Plenty of flavor options
  • Filters included
  • Slow-burning
  • Premium quality 

2. Zags Hemp Wraps 

From the well known and renowned Zig-Zag company come all-natural organic hemp wraps to satisfy the needs of every smoker. 

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you smoke, Zig-Zag probably has something you’ll like. The French company is world-famous for its rolling papers. 

Now, they offer an extensive range of all-natural green and organic blunt wraps as well. 

With over 20 fresh and delectable flavors such as grape, mango, strawberry, peach, and so many more, you’re sure to find something tasty. These hemp wraps burn slow and are the perfect option for both beginners and professionals! 


  • Slow burn
  • 100% natural hemp
  • Organic
  • Over 20 amazing flavors 
  • Great value 
  • A trusted brand in rolling papers 

3. Natty Organic Wraps 

Here’s a great option for anyone who wants access to variety, quality, value, and pure all-natural organically grown hemp blunt wraps. 

As a”Slow-Burning Dual Layer Wrap”, you will have a longer and more enjoyable smoking sesh. Natty Organic Wraps are made from nothing but the highest-quality organically cultivated hemp. 

Plus, these hemp wraps are available in flavors like Natural, Sweet, White Grape, and Watermelon. Each and every Natty Hemp Wrap comes with a resealable foil pouch to ensure maximum freshness. 

Furthermore, these wraps are vegan-friendly, GMO-free, 100% organic, and very slow-burning. We recommend them to anyone looking for something better than average in a hemp wrap! 


  • 100% Organic
  • GMO-free / Non-GMO
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Slow-Burning Dual Layer Wrap

4. Twisted Hemp All-Natural Wraps

Twisted Hemp All-Natural Wraps offer you everything you could want in an organic hemp wrap. You’ll get unique flavors, slow and relaxing smoke sessions, and can even choose options with an extra CBD kick. 

For the most variety and a great value, Twisted Hemp is the way to go. Twisted Hemp comes straight out of the USA. 

The Twisted Hemp company produces a wide range of amazing flavors. You can smoke on anything from their simple Sweet flavor to more complex flavors like Endless Summer. 

Other amazing options from Twisted Hemp are Grape Burst and California Dream. Smokers compare California Dream to strawberry cheesecake, so if that sounds as amazing to you as it does to us, we definitely recommend giving it a go! Overall these pure hemp blunt wraps give you a smooth rich smoke and long-lasting yummy aftertaste. The wraps come with a resealable pouch so everything stays fresh. They’re also an amazing overall value. 


  • 100% natural hemp
  • Organic
  • Great for quick smoke sessions
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Strong and sweet aromas and flavors 
  • Smooth smoke 
  • Slow-burning 

5. Beamer Vegan Wraps

These original sized (110 mm) vegan hemp papers are great because they come with 4 wraps per pack, are made from pesticide-free and GMO-free Canadian hemp and taste awesome. All of these wraps are totally tobacco-free and made without chlorine or bleach! Plus, every pack is fully resealable to ensure freshness. 


  • 100% Canadian grown natural hemp
  • Vegan
  • Great for a healthier smoking experience
  • Original and simple
  • High-quality 
  • Good value 

6. Kingpin Wraps

Kingpin offers another tobacco-free and slow-burning blunt roll option. Made of 100% pure hemp, these wraps are super easy to roll with thanks to their “perfect fold technology”. This might just be the ideal choice for beginners who want to build up their wrapping skills. There are a variety of delicious flavors to pick from including Spanish Fly, Laid Back, Original G, Blueberry Bomb, Mango Tango, and Goomba Grape. Also, we have to say that we like how these wraps are not overly sweet. Also, they have a really pleasant aftertaste. 


  • Not too sweet
  • Easy to roll 
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 100% pure hemp
  • Tobacco-free

7. Luxe Flavored Wraps

If you ever wind up craving something more luxurious and sweet than the average blunt, you ought to let yourself indulge with one of these supremely delicious and handmade wraps straight from Canada. Flavors include Lucky Charms, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Donut, Nutella, Caramel Macchiato, and Sour Gummy Worms. Yeah, those are some amazing flavors. Plus, these hemp wraps have natural CBD, are 100% organic, and burn slow and steady. Lastly, they come in a smell-proof container. They’re downright awesome. 


  • Contains natural CBD 
  • 100% natural hemp
  • Organic
  • Freakin’ delicious flavors
  • Smell-proof package 
  • Slow-burning
  • Handmade

8. Kong Natural 

If you’re trying to get in a smoke break relatively quickly, Kong wraps are worth a look. Kong Wraps burn a bit faster than other blunt wraps. They have that pure hemp flavor and are made with only organic materials. For all-natural freshness, Kong wraps are ideal. They’re made with 100% natural hemp and have a derived terpene profile. They also come loaded with natural CBD. So, for quick smoke sessions with a great organic CBD hemp wrap, Kong Natural wraps are a great choice. 


  • Natural CBD 
  • 100% natural hemp
  • Organic
  • Great for quick smoke sessions

9. Cyclones Sugarcane Toasted Hemp Cones (Pre-Rolls)

We decided to go ahead and add a couple of pre-rolled options as well since it’s almost the same thing, but easier. Yeah yeah, we know, it’s technically already rolled so you don’t get to show off your blunt rolling skills. Still, if you just want to smoke your weed and don’t have a ton of time to spare, pre-rolls are awesome to have on hand. 

So, the first option we’ve got for hemp pre-rolls will be Cyclone Sugarcane Cones. Cyclones Cones are pre-rolled and really easy to smoke. They’re made from natural organic hemp. They have a really pleasant aroma and come in a smooth-smoking pre-rolled cone to save you time. They also come in a useful jar-like container. These wraps contain no nicotine, are made with pure hemp, and taste great. Cyclones Hemp Cones are known for their freshness, great feel, moist sweetness, and time-saving simplicity. They have a “triple-dip flavor system” for more taste intensity and come in Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry, Natural, Sugarcane, and Wonderberry. 


  • Pre-rolled
  • Pure hemp
  • Great aroma
  • No chemicals added 

10. Kush Blunt CBD Hemp Wraps (Pre-Rolls)

Our other favorite pre-rolls are Kush Blunt CBD Hemp Wraps. From an all-American company, these Kush Herbal Wraps use only 100% pure organically grown Canadian hemp. These wraps come in 6 different enticing flavors. Original, Berries, Kiwi Strawberry, Zero, Mixed Grape, and Sweet. Since the cones are pre-rolled and are glue-free, you’ll get a pure clean taste, and have no hassle. If you want wraps made of hemp but without the CBD, Kush Herbal Wraps are available in an entirely CBD-free “ultra” variant.


  • Pre-rolls
  • 6 yummy flavors
  • Glue-free 
  • Available either with or without CBD

11. Juicy Jays Hemp

If you want something that’s familiar tasting but natural, take a look at Juicy Jays wraps. Their hemp variant tastes as good if not better than their tobacco wraps. You can choose from a bunch of flavors and they are an awesome value. Flavors include Grapes Gone Wild, Strawberry Fields, Black N’ Blueberry, Natural, Tropical Passion, and Mango Papaya. 


  • Roll easy 
  • Non-GMO
  • Sweet and tasty
  • Great flavor choices
  • Tobacco and nicotine-free

12. Hemp Zone 

Looking to try out wraps made of hemp but still get a better bang for your buck? Hemp Zone Cigar Wraps are a great option. You get 5 for five blunts at a super low price. These are cigarillo-size smokes meaning that they’re ideal for smokers who don’t want a gigantic blunt. Made of Canadian hemp, these little guys are free of tobacco and nicotine. They’re also bursting with sweet green freshness and come in six flavors: Kush, Sweet, Kiwi, Wet & Fruity, Natural, and Bee-Berry. Since they’re so cheap, you can try all of the flavors easily. 


  • Natural 
  • Tobacco-free 
  • Cheap
  • Lots of flavor options
  • Smaller size for mini-blunts

13. CannaWraps

These premium wraps are made in the USA from 100% organic hemp, and a thin strip of the clearest Arabic gum. Each wrap will burn slowly and evenly. They are smooth and mellow, yummy, healthy, and have no harsh taste. CannaWraps are also rigorously tested to make sure they meet with Phase 3 compliance. This means that no plastic is used to package these awesome wraps. They’re one of the ‘greenest’ wrap options in every sense. 


  • 100% premium USA organic hemp
  • Phase 3 compliance 
  • Organic
  • Slow-burning 
  • Good for the environment 

14. Lit Culture Wraps 

Lit Culture Wraps are available in great flavors like Sweet Georgia Peach, Miami Mango, Original, and our personal favorite; Russian Cream. Lit Culture Wraps are super tasty and make a great alternative to unnatural chemical-ridden nicotine-filled blunt wraps. These wraps are great because apart from their AMAZING flavors, they’re organically grown and boast a non-GMO title. They provide smokers with smoother smoke, and they burn nice and slow. Finally, these wraps are very gentle on the lungs and don’t feel harsh. 


  • Yummy flavors (Russian Cream anyone?)
  • 100% pure hemp 
  • Organic
  • Slow-burning 
  • Gentle and smooth  

15. RAW Hemp Papers 

While technically RAW papers are a variant of rolling paper, they’re still also a blunt wrap option. These are the original hemp papers. They’re very easy to roll up your joints with and have a great natural clean hemp taste. Plus, the RAW company is well-known for donating to charitable causes and helping to make the world a better place with their non-profit endeavors. All of their rolling papers are made with 100% pure hemp, are vegan certified, and sourced responsibly. 


  • Vegan 
  • 100% Pure Hemp 
  • Unrefined
  • Sap gumline 
  • Steam watermark for a smooth even burn 

Wrapping It All Up

So now you know all about these fine Hemp wraps, we hope that you try one out on your next primo blunt. Hemp really offers a unique experience and can take you to a whole new level of enjoyment. Remember, all of these options can now be easily ordered online to save you time, money, and hassle. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your smoke, chief. 

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