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Top 24 Interview Questions and Answers for Web Developers

Do you know how to develop the entire website and design its layout? 

Have you got extraordinary skills for coding and programming?

Are you simply beyond phenomenal while writing codes? 

Well, if yes and you find yourself a pro web developer and programmer then web development is the field for you. Web developers are currently high in demand since the digitalization of the businesses has become the norm. Individuals with mind-blowing coding skills and exceptional programming concepts get highly paid for their encrypting expertise. 

But wait, not only the skills for the programming would work here! One should have to prepare for the interview as well because the hiring for web developer position is not an easy game. 

The job market is quite competitive for the web developers nowadays since a lot of students and newbies have gained their expertise and skills of web development. This has become a new major domain of studies in which students are getting enrolled and are trying to seize the opportunity.  


There are tons of websites and platforms as well that are offering courses in web development. From Coursera to Udemy and EdX, greater learning platforms have showed up with paid and free certifications in web development. Experts and professionals from web development domain and programming background have joined their hands to form a collaborative programmer’s society as well. 

Once you have learned the web development like a pro then you can surely try your luck out for the web developer position. This job is fairly high paying and an average web developer earns up to $75,430 per year.

What is web development? – A quick glance:

As the experts from suggests, web development is the process of creating a website for the internet or intranet. This can range from the development of a single static page to complicated web application and social network services. WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Mockplus are some most used website building software that are used by web developers to create great website. 

Be it the affordable UK website of or the responsive e-commerce website for different products, web development is the very first stage to simplify the buying and selling process. 

But take notes, landing the job position of web developer is not easy at all. You would be having skillset, clear concepts of programming languages, and massive experience too, but if you fail to clear the interview of web developer then you would have to face rejection. 

Web development interviews are simply a long and lengthy session of questions and answers. While the session goes on, the panel of the interviewers keep on asking different programming related questions. Web developer (be it the basic or professional) would have to answer those questions correctly to reflect his deep knowledge about the programming domain. 


Preparing for the interviews could be quite difficult and if you are underprepared then you may lose your entire confidence while getting interviewed. Before appearing in front of the interviewer, you must understand some basic concepts of web development. Expert professional cover letter writers UK believe that candidates should learn the answers for some traditional questions of web development as well. 

Do you find it gruesome to prepare for the web development interview? Don’t worry, we have got your back! We have rounded up top 24 interview and answers for which the web developers must prepare before appearing in interview. Ready to dive in the deep study? Let’s move ahead then! 

Q1. How many steps are there for web development? Tell their names. 

So, web development goes with 7 basic steps; 

  • Information gathering
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Assembling and content
  • Coding 
  • Testing, review, and launch
  • Maintenance

Q2. Describe the key responsibilities of a Web Developer?

Some major responsibilities of a web developer are;

  • Program test and debugging of all web applications
  • Design, develop, test and deploy the web applications
  • Uploading sites onto server and further registering it with search engines
  • Stay in contact with designers and programmers to develop and deploy web projects
  • Fix numerous bugs, troubleshoot and resolve the technical glitches and issues
  • If system failure appears, start periodic testing and implement contingency actions
  • Develop genuine and working code structures to solve technical tasks
  • Support and assist for the maintenance of websites
  • Stay consistent with staging, development, testing and production of code

Q3. What basic programming languages should a web developer be knowing?

  • HTML 
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript

Q4. What is CORS? How does it function?

(CORS) Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is an apparatus that enables resources like JavaScript and fonts on a web page to be requested from another domain located outside the domain from which the resource originated. This is supported for HTML5 that manages XMLHttpRequest access to a domain different.

Q5. What is AJAX (JavaScript), can you please give short definition? 

The acronym AJAX is used for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This is a strategy for using XML, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create faster, reliable, and more interactive web applications.

Q6. List out the new APIs provided by HTML 5 standard?

HTML 5 shows up with the following APIs. 

  • Media API
  • Text track API
  • Data transfer API
  • Command API
  • Constraint Validation API
  • Application Cache API
  • User Interaction
  • History API

Q7. Elaborate some ways to reduce page load time

Below are some ways to reduce page load time 

  • Reduce image size
  • Remove excessive widgets
  • HTTP compression
  • Placing CSS at the top and script reference at the bottom or in external files
  • Reduce lookups
  • Minimize redirects
  • Caching

Q8. How would you refer to CSS file in the web page?

You can refer to the .CSS file in the webpage by using the <link> tag.  This must be kept between <head></head>tag. For instance <linkhref=”/css/mystyle.css” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet”/>

Q9. Some tips to reduce web application loading time? 

You can follow these tips to decrease web application loading time. 

  • Optimize images up to screen resolution and save it in the form of compressed file
  • Eradicate all JavaScript files to lessen the amount of transportable data
  • Combine and Minify all CSS and JS and call them in footer
  • Defer or Asynch JS Files

Q10. Write a function that calculates the Fibonacci number N.

This code block serves as an excellent illustration.

In C++:

//Fibonacci Series using Recursion


using namespace std;

int fib(int n)


if (n <= 1)

return n;

return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2);


int main ()


int n = 9;

cout << fib(n);


return 0;



Q11. Define A* algorithm and its working

A* algorithm is a pathfinding and graph traversal computer algorithm that uses a heuristic function to calculate the cost of going from node A to node B. Each step’s nodes are grouped in a priority queue as per the algorithm.

Q12. Highlight the difference between SOAP and REST

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol that is a standard-based web service. On the other hand REST is the acronym for Representational State Transfer and provides simpler method for accessing web services. 

  • SOAP is a web development protocol while REST is an architectural platform
  • SOAP works with XML and REST can work with XML, HTML, and plain text
  • SOAP cannot use REST while REST can make use of SOAP

Q13. Can you please describe what long polling is?

Long polling is a pattern of web application development used to match pushing data from the server to the client.  When the pattern of long polling is used, client directs a request to the server, and the linking remains intact until the server is about to send data to the user. The joining will be bolted only after the data is directed back to client or connection timeout happens.

Q14. Name the newly introduced input types in HTML5?

HTML5 has introduced multiple revamps and below are some of these types. 

  • Color
  • Date
  • Datetime-local
  • Email
  • Month
  • Number range

Q15. Describe the new features introduced in CSS3?

CSS3 has made the overall framework more user-friendly, interactive and powerful. These features include;

  • Rounded corners
  • Animation
  • Custom layout
  • Media queries

Q16. Define the recursive function?

Recursive function is the one that calls itself directly or indirectly. The recursion keeps on happening until it reaches a set of parameters that return a value instead of calling the function recursively. This function resolves some basic problems quickly.

Q17. Explain the benefits of HTTP/2 compared to HTTP 1.1?

Major advantages of HTTP2 includes,

  • Advanced server-push technology
  • Reduced network footprint
  • Uses network resources more effectively
  • Eradicates security issues related to HTTP 1.1, such as a response splitting attack
  • Effective TLS handling,  prioritization, multiplexing, compression, and flow control
  • Compact command representation, which facilitates easier implementation and processing 
  • Robust data processing between server and client 
  • Improved throughput and lower network potential
  • Less error and mistakes

Q18. How is XHTML different from HTML, please explain

XHTML differs from HTML in following ways,

  • All tags in XHTML must be in lowercase
  • XHTML asks the use of double quotes for all attributes
  • In XHTML, tags must be properly closed to function further
  • XHTML does not permit an inline element to contain a block-level element

Q19. Can you describe Entity Tag?

An Entity Tag, or ETag, is an integral element of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) – that eases statement between servers and web browsers. Entity Tag is the setup that Hypertext Transfer Protocol provides for cache validation, permitting conditional requests from a client.

Q20. Define DTD and highlight the difference between PCDATA and CDATA in DTD?

DTD is acronym of Document Type Definition that defines attributes, structure, and legal elements of XML documents. PCDATA is the short form of Parsed Character Data in the DTD. This is the text that the XML parser will parse. Tags in the text are processed as markup, and the entities are expanded.

CDATA also known as Character Data in the DTD, is the type of text that the XML parser will not parse. Tags within the text are not processed as markup, and the entities are not expanded.

Q21. Write the correct way to include JavaScript into HTML?

The correct way to incorporate JavaScript into HTML is by using inline event handlers or inline code.

Q22. Elaborate the difference between cookies and local storage?

Cookies Local Storage
Client Side/ Server Side Data handy both at client side and server side.  The data is sent to the serverside with every cookie request. Only at the local browser side data is accessible.  Server cannot use local storage until purposely sent a request to the server via POST or GET
Size Storage capacity of cookies is 4095 bytes/cookie Storage capacity of local storage is 5MB per domain
Expiration Cookies have expiration and cookie data gets deleted after some time There is no expiration and has to remove yourself


Q23. What are the APIs that the HTML5 standard provides?

HTML5 incorporates a variety of APIs, such as:

  • History API
  • Constraint Validation 
  • Application Cache
  • Command API
  • User Interaction
  • Data Transfer
  • Text Track 
  • Media API

Q24. What is meant by pseudo class?

Pseudo-classes are used as a technique in CSS style sheet to change the style of an element when this element changes its state. You can use pseudo class for the following purposes;

  • For the style change when the mouse moves over the element
  • For out-of-focus animations
  • For providing styles for external links


These 24 questions are the top picks by professional CV writers UK for the web developers who are soon going to appear for an interview. Take notes from these questions and learn their answers. Keep your concepts clear and stay confident with your answer to ace the interview for web development position. 

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