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Top 3 Events Of 2021

It is hard to define the top 3 events of 2021 as everyone will have different opinions, it’s a subjective matter. Lots has happened since the Covid-19 lockdown and people have been able to enjoy going out and partaking in events more. Depending on what kind of events you enjoy, there are options for everyone and spending time with friends and family is extra fun after being in lockdown. Events are exciting especially after we have been in lockdown. Here are some of the best events that have happened in 2021… 


  • Tokyo Olympic Games


Sports events are always popular to watch on TV or in person, luckily Tokyo Olympics went ahead this year and can be seen as one of the top events of the year. Unfortunately there weren’t many spectators at all due to the Covid-19 pandemic but of course it was still televised so nobody missed it, unless they wanted to. Although the familiar Olympic atmosphere wasn’t present, the decorations and feel of the event were still there. If you’re looking to run a sports event, no matter what the size, you can find giant inflatables like arches, balloons and giant shapes online. 


  • Halloween related events 


This year most people went all out for Halloween and there were events all over London and the UK. If you are planning an event for next year, you can find all sorts of inflatable Halloween decorations that would be suitable for a party or any event. Many shopping centres used inflatable monsters and scary ghosts to decorate in preparation for Halloween. If you are planning a children’s party or get together, there are lots of options for decorations and ways to make it exciting. 


  • Music festivals


Music festivals are back in some places and they will continue to carry on. Glastonbury is planned for 2022 and there are many more festivals and summer events going on in London and all over the UK. The best festivals in the UK in 2021 were probably Latitude, Reading and Leeds, Boardmasters, All Points East and many more. If you are a business with a pop up van or a company stand at a festival, depending on your sector you can get inflatable shapes or logos. Many food brands use inflatables so people can find them at a festival and see them from far away, they can be used as a type of landmark at big events.

There have been many more events this year going forward than last year and some of the best ones have used great decorations. Inflatables are one of the ways to make your event stand out from others. If you have your own business you can use inflatables at events like conferences, they are ideal for branding and marketing and will make your company or brand memorable. Look out for inflatables and the next event you are at and see if you can get some ideas. Enjoy all the events of 2022 if you can manage to attend some! 

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