Tue. May 21st, 2024
Household Trends

Today, many new trends have emerged for the home. From sustainable washing with detergent strips to a very powerful all-purpose cleaner for cleaning your home. But Final Wash shampoo is also very popular, before starting the curly girl method for the perfect curls. We take you through these absolute top 3 that we are currently seeing emerge and are being sold en masse!


Eco Strips

The popular wasstrips are known to be sustainable, innovative and also let you save a lot of money. You can buy eco strips from some of the top brands and they are very inexpensive to buy. You use only 1 detergent strip per full washing machine and you are very good for the environment when you use this. An absolute revolution in washing and very good alternative to the traditional detergent as you know it. Tip: combine strips with fabric softener or perfume for the best result!


Final Wash shampoo

Who does not know the Curly Girl method? This method is very popular among women and individuals with curls or who want more curls. Final Wash shampoo thoroughly cleanses your hair and scalp, removing all nasties from your hair. After that you can start working with the curly girl method, like using a co wash conditioner within the cg method. We absolutely recommend a good Final Wash shampoo and understand the craze!


The Pink Stuff

An emerging player and powerful brand is The Pink Stuff. This brand is well known as a cleaning product and has a very wide range. It is widely used along with the Scrub Daddy sponge and cleans all types of surfaces in your home with great ease. Housekeeping has never been so easy since the emergence of this fine brand!


Continuously new brands and innovations are launched to make life easier. On our website wascapsules we select and test these trends and provide an overview of all offers!

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