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The Malayalam music industry is famous for the creation of their genuine song with their actual music directors. There are many music directors in the Malayalam music, but there are only a few numbers of a director who are now most renowned. A music director is one of the vital elements of the songs. A music director works hard for the songs to publish the songs for the audience. In Malayalam music, many hard-working music directors mainly work in the songs, and you will get their directed songs from kuttyweb.

Here is the best Malayalam music directors list.

1. G. Devarajan

The greatest music director in the industry of Malayalam music, his name is G. Devarajan. He was born on 27 September 1927 in Paravur, Kollam, India. At a very early age, he was fond of music and later he became No. 1 famous music director of Malayalam cinema. He works as music director in 300 Malayalam films, and he got 5 Kerala government best music composer awards for his best performance. But at the age of 78, in 2006 14 March, this greatest music director died.

Devarajan’s first debut composed music movie is Kaalam Maarunnu which was released in 1955. His music compose style is so different; that’s why he achieved this fame. He works in many Malayalam language films as a music composer. In 1964, he worked in the film name Omanakuttan which was hit at the box office.

Then 10 years later, he again works in the film name Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyayi which was released in 1974. After works in those films, he came to the spotlight very quickly. He also works in the movie there are, Ammini Ammavan and Vishnu Vijayam also Parankimala, many more.

2. M. S. Baburaj

Baburaj is a famous music director of Malayalam cinema. He works in many films as music composer and director. He mainly works in Evergreen Malayalam films songs as music composer and music director. He died at a very early age as 49 in 7 October 1978. But in his short life, he gave us many songs which were composed by him. In the Malayalam movie Minnaminungu, he works as a music composer for the first time, and then he gets much more fame.

Later he works in many Malayalam language film Adyathe Kanmani in 1962 And Udhyogastha in 1967 also Virunnukari which was released in 1969. By this film, he earns many fan bases. In those times, he was so famous and now his songs which composed by him also listening audience. For his best hard work, he admits himself as a list of top 3 music composer.

3. Raveendran

9 November 1943, this great music composer was born in Kulathupuzha, Travancore, British India and he died in 3 March 2005 at the age of 61. Though he died very early, he works in over 150 Malayalam and Tamil languages film as a music director. Parvanarajanithan is his first song he sang in the film name Velliyazhcha which was released in 1969. He works in many Malayalam films as a music composer. For his great performance, he came into a strong place. His some best-composed songs name is Tharake Mizhiyithalil from Choola, Thengum hrudayam from Aattakkalasham also Harimuraleeravam is from the movie Aaraam Thampuran.


With the help of cheap Internet, the malayalam mp3 download is free and manageable because the music owner published their songs and put with the download link. Now Malayalam music composers are well experienced, and they show their best performance in the songs. They have a special strength in the sector of music composing and it very sure that G. Devarajan was the no. 1 music composer on those times.

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