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Your communication with customers, even if it takes place unilaterally in SMS messages, has an impact on the promotion of the company as a whole. By leaving your contacts (phone number, address) in SMS, you remind them that the company is always happy to communicate with customers and advise on any issue. Let’s consider 3 popular mobile marketing solutions. 

How does mobile marketing work?

Mobile marketing is an indispensable tool for large and small companies as mobile devices have become ubiquitous.

71% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is central to their business.

Mobile marketing is also extremely cost effective. There are many options to choose from for any budget, and the impact it can have on cost is significant. In the usual comparison, advertising on social networks is much cheaper than buying advertising space for radio or television.

Customers can also be connected in real time through mobile marketing, wherever they are. Radio or television marketing only works when the customer is in front of the TV or has the radio on.

Smart contact – highest converting SMS platform

Smarter Contact text marketing service gives you the ability to automatically track leads with pre-built messaging campaigns. Manage your marketing system with a few simple clicks and the highest delivery rate in the industry.

Today Smarter Contact serves industries including real estate, general sales, event promotion, lending, recruitment, fitness, and the automotive industry, among many others. 

What do the benefits of SMS marketing include:

  • guaranteed attraction of the attention of the recipient;
  • instant message delivery;
  • a simple system of settings (it is enough to have a database of numbers and text);
  • the fastest collection of reading statistics.

The number of smartphone owners is increasing every year, and the statistics of opening sent SMS, according to research, reaches 94%. These are the ideal conditions for conducting advertising campaigns using SMS.

Appsflyer – make the right choice

AppsFlyer is one of the most popular services in its segment. It is used by large retail chains like Walmart and cable TV channels like HBO to better understand their fairly wide audience. Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, and 6,000 more lesser-known AppsFlyer partners ensure you can easily collect accurate and detailed data about your customers from all of these platforms. Reasons to choose Appsflyer for your project:  

  1. Holistic and detailed attribution. Finding user paths is Appsflyer’s main task. “People-Based” attribution brings together in one place all the sources that brought one user. Now you will receive statistics not only by channels, but also by people.
  1. AppsFlyer will help you not only measure the effectiveness of ads, but also create and customize them. To do this, the service offers you its proprietary deep link technology. 

Deep links that will bring a client to your application can be placed in emails, social networks, sent in SMS and push messages. In addition, they can be segmented in one place to, for example, redirect Android and iOS users to different app stores or social networks, and those who came from a PC to the landing page of the site, and much more, depending on your goals.

  1. Analytics and reports. AppsFlyer helps marketers analyze segmented data that changes over time. Built-in filters simplify cohort analysis by user groups with any attributes.
  1. Security. AppsFlyer does a great job of detecting anomalous user behavior that could actually be fraudulent activity. The service will help you understand if your site or application is being used by bots, or if there are any other security problems, so you can quickly fix them.

The platform is designed for marketers and advertising agencies, as it allows you to analyze the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet and on television.

SendPulse – stay in touch with your customers

SendPulse service offers users a set of tools for business promotion and sales on the Internet. Let’s check out what these tools are, how they are useful and how to get the most out of them with the help of integrations.

Using the built-in constructor in SendPulse, you can create and customize chatbots. These digital assistants help automate communication with the target audience in instant messengers and social networks.

The examples of work tasks for which you can use chatbots:

  • Newsletters. SendPulse allows you to send mailings, including through social services. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber are supported. Chatbots provide this functionality.
  • Answers to questions. Bots are able to automatically answer users’ frequently asked questions and connect the client with the operator only when it is indispensable. Thus, bots can help consultants and support staff, and in some cases completely replace them.
  • Taking leads and orders. SendPulse bots are able to automatically receive requests and orders from users, and then transfer this data to responsible managers or to the appropriate sections of CRM.
  • Sales. Thanks to bots, you can turn messengers and social networks into additional sales channels. It is enough to connect a payment system to the digital assistant – and customers will be able to pay directly in correspondence. 

As with other platform tools, creating chatbots does not require special skills. It is enough to assemble in the constructor a scheme that reflects the logic of the bot, from visual blocks and connect it to the desired messenger.

Summing up

With the advent of various marketing automation software, marketers have the opportunity to interact with customers, plan workflows, and analyze the results of marketing activities. 

Mobile marketing software should be practiced with multi-channel engagement. These include: optimization, SMS marketing, marketing automation, reputation management, CRM.

All of us are used to having multiple tools on hand, and the reality of business is that you will always need more and more new and different tools for yourself to stand out from your competitors.

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