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Over the years, the way we communicate with banks is changing. Right now, we have two options, resort to traditional banking or opt for mobile banking. But what is better? What brings more advantages? Find out more in this analysis in which we face traditional banking vs. mobile banking.

Mobile banking vs. Traditional banking: Which is better?

Until recently, it was common to go to the bank physically to do a multitude of procedures: make transfers, make payments, withdraw money, update the book to check our savings, etc. However, fewer and fewer people are taking these actions.

With the growth in the number of people who have access to the internet, most clients have gone from traditional banking to virtual banking. In this way, the mobile financial market has gained more weight than the traditional financial market, so the dispute to gain customers and market share has changed the scene.

The largest number of customers is on the internet, in an app … That is where mobile banking plays its role. Unlike this, traditional banking continues to bet on the customer who uses a passbook and cash and travels to bank branches.

With the promotion of new technologies, more and more users are opting for mobile banking. Something that creates confusion or even fears among the “old people” because many do not finish seeing it for sure. However, it is completely safe to access your account online.

And the fact is that we find many advantages in mobile banking compared to traditional banking of a lifetime. Here, we are talking about the top 3 reasons why mobile money is better than traditional banking.

  1. Comfort, speed and from anywhere

One of the great advantages is, without a doubt, comfort. Thanks to mobile banking, you can save time consulting all the procedures, because you can check from your mobile phone if you have received a transfer, the balance you have or whatever you want.

That it is so comfortable to check the balance or the movements are something that is priceless, because you can also access from anywhere, you only need a device such as a smartphone or a computer and a good Internet connection. With that, you have more than enough to enter your bank account.

  1. Management at the moment

Mobile banking offers functionalities that allow us to manage any movement quickly. For example, it is possible to make immediate transfers directly from the mobile or bank app. In such a way that if anything happens to you and you have an emergency, you can send the payment immediately. MPESA is one of the most used mobile money transfer services that users can use to transact money with security and fidelity. Another advantage of this is that MPESA charges occur whenever you send or withdraw money through an authorized agent or ATM.

  1. Financial products at sight

If we talk about the advantages of mobile banking and traditional banking, this is undoubtedly one of the best. In mobile banking, we find different financial products in sight, so that you can see from the panel the possible bank loans that you can request and other products.

You will not even have to go to your bank physically to speak with one of your managers. You can do it all from the phone or computer, saving time.


As you can see, the advantages of mobile banking are higher than traditional ones. These are some of the main ones, and that is why we recommend giving it a try because it is possible that as soon as you try it, you will notice a very big life change.

In addition, it is totally safe. And even if you try applications, you will notice a giant leap in terms of control over your finances, because you will be able to be aware of everything you do, your expenses and income.


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