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Dec 05, 2021 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) — Nearly all have smartphones in our pockets that we use for both personal and professional purposes. Some users prefer iPhone for certain reasons why others are fond of Samsung due to ease of use. But have you ever wondered which smartphone company has the largest market share? But the question remains what the market share of these companies is? Let’s take a look at it.

Top 3 Smartphone Companies

The market share of the companies determines the percentage of the total revenue of the company in the global markets. Knowing the top 3 smartphone companies share will give you insights about their production capacity and units sold over the Year.

You can get the market share of the top 3 smartphone companies by using the below-given information and using it for reference.


  • Units Shipped (Million): 394 Million handsets
  • Sales per Year: 321.2 Million units
  • Revenue per Year: 211.2 Billion USD

Samsung is on the top of the list for the year 2021 and it has also become one of the largest mobile producers in the world. The company has the best mobile phones that are not only providing a great user experience but also give proper protection to the users. The company has great customer service, and it is very easy to get the device repaired in case you have any issue with your Samsung Smartphone.

The mobile phones of this brand are also great in quality; they are durable and long-lasting. You can also use these devices for a long time without getting them repaired.

With new models coming out every Year, it is making sure that they provide a wide range of smartphones at different price tags. It is one of the top companies to invest your money in as it will give you a proper return of investment over time.


  • Units Shipped (Million): 200 million units
  • Sales per Year: $107.13 billion USD
  • Revenue per Year: $8397.01Million USD

Huawei is an Asian company that is part of the leading market research, and it has gained a great reputation all over the world. The Chinese mobile phone has got a great number of handsets in the market, and it gives you a proper return on investment due to this. The wide range of smartphones available in the markets from this brand will help you get almost everything at your home. You can even use these devices for business purposes as well.

For the best experience, one should opt for Huawei Smartphone, as they ensure you get all the features that come with it at an affordable rate. With Huawei smartphones, you will have a better experience with the smartphones, and you can use these smart devices for a long time without facing any issues.


  • Units Shipped (Million): 217.72 Million iPhones
  • Sales per Year: 217+ Million iPhones
  • Revenue per Year: $53.8 billion

One of the most well-known smartphone manufacturers, the company has gained an excellent reputation for making smartphones that are great in design and provide a good user experience. It is a great smartphone brand, and you can use these devices for almost anything you want to do. The wide range of machines available in the market from this brand will help you satisfy all your needs.

Apple has been relatively higher in the list over time, and it will continue to position itself high on the list in the future. You can get all smartphones from this brand without any issue, and they perform excellently as well. It is one of the best companies to invest your money in as it will give you almost every other device at an affordable price tag as well.

Support for Top Smartphone Companies

All of these companies have their production units and outlets in different companies. You can get support for any of these companies in almost every market. The smartphones of these companies are durable. Hence you can use these devices for a long time without getting them repaired or replaced.

It is important to carry a smartphone that has the latest features and the best user experience. Investing in any of these top 3 smartphone companies will give you a proper return over time. The data shared in this article will help you know more about these mobile phone manufacturers and make the right decision when it comes to investing your money in one of them.

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