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Almost the whole world is locked down. People have no way to go out from home because of coronavirus. They are getting bored doing the same task over and over again. Are you getting bored too?  Okay, then this article is for you. 

From the title, you already have a great idea that we are going to discuss some super exciting books that you must read. Make the best use of your time. Here, we basically going to introduce some great fitness books that will change your way of thinking towards your health, body, and exercises.

I bet, you will be very careful about your body and health after reading those books. 

Then What Are We Waiting For? Let’s Jump To The Discussion. 

Complete Food And Nutrition Guide. This book was published in 1996 and still one of the most popular books on health and nutrition. You will have a great idea about the foods you are taking daily. 

Most of the cases, we do not know what food we have to take and what food we should avoid. Which food is to take on what time? How much time you have to walk after your meal? This book will enlighten you on these perspectives.

Bigger Leaner Stronger: One of the best buying books all time. Written by  Michael Matthews. One of the top fitnesses author. Most of his books are written based on his real-life experiences about health, fitness, and gym. 

In this book, the writer basically focuses on learning about our body’s myths and truths. What exercise will best suit our body and health, how to do exercise and go for a massive body like athletes without taking any risk. 

I can make it clear with a simple example. Suppose, if you have extreme pain in your knee then you might be thinking that exercise is not for you. But still, there are lots of exercises like rowing. 

 GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES  a must-have read for everybody. The books first published in 2007 by one of your most popular writers Gary Taubes In our daily foods, there are calories with it. We can take it from meats, milk, vegetables, eggs, and so other foods. Are all of them good calories? 

The answer is no. To know more about this, read the book now. After reading this book, you will be able to make your own food chart, also for your family members. 

Do you know that most of our physical diseases can be cured simply by changing food habits and choosing the proper foods that contain good calories? Surprised? yes, I am telling the exact truth by studying so many patients.

I know a patient who was suffering from knee pain, diabetes, blood pressure, cronical neck pain, and acidity. He had to take insulin daily to control the level of sugar of his blood.  

The magic started to occur in his life when he started following the Keto diet. Just after 3 months, he is completely a healthy man now without getting rid of the diseases. 

Now he is cured enough to take insulin, medicine for pressure and acidity. 

Strength Training Anatomy This book is for those who are serious about muscle building and making a six-pack. The third edition of this book was published in March 2010. The writer is none other than the Frederic Delavier. 

Reading this book, you will be learned about the proper exercises that can help you with muscle boast, what exercises are to follow and what exercises are to avoid? 

Author Frederic Delavier is a fitness craze people and studied a lot from his real life as well well as witnesses’ case study. For example, for building chest building, you have to do some incline chest exercises. Here running or another sort of exercises will not be as useful as Chest Press exercises.

Due to the policy, I didn’t mention the purchasing link of those books. You simply can find them on Amazon or any other popular book store. Thanks for reading the whole aticle. 


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