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Buying a DiamondBuying a Diamond

It can be one of the most confusing and intimidating moments when you shop for diamonds. Buying a diamond or diamond jewellery is a lot of pressure because you need to purchase a pure product by analysing and testing correctly. When you have no ideas about doing all these, you seek help from professionals or the jeweller you rely on the most.

This article will show you the top things you must consider when buying a diamond.

Clarity Check: First, you should do the clarity check of the diamond. If it’s a naturally mined diamond, you will find plenty of impurities or inclusions. Even they might be visible in bare eyes. But you should do the test under the microscope. And when the diamond is made in the labs, you will find fewer impurities or inclusions.

When considering diamonds, whether natural or lab-grown, it’s essential to assess the Four Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity) for quality. In Singapore, where lab grown diamonds are gaining popularity, ensure you understand these factors to make an informed and dazzling choice.

It’s because lab-created diamonds are made with different processes. Though the carbon remains the same, the processing and timeline are additional. You will barely find any inclusions in the lab diamonds.

People get the certification of diamonds when purchasing to see the clarity rate. It determines whether they’re buying natural or lab diamonds. Therefore, make sure you know about the igi vs gia of the diamond certification.

Cut Check: To get ideas about it, you should do the light test. The natural diamonds will not have different cuts or settings, but the lab diamonds are made in various cuts. As a result, the light test goes way better with lab-grown diamonds. You will see the light reflects more specifically among the lab diamond cuts.

The more cut the diamond has, the more reflections you will get. This is why lab-grown diamonds are preferred for making engagement rings and beautiful jewellery items.

Colour Check: You should know about the colour grading of the diamonds when buying them too. Naturally mined diamonds don’t have varieties in colour, and you will get the colourless diamonds the most. But lab-created diamonds have plenty of colour schemes of diamonds that you can easily make your favourite jewellery.

However, make sure the gia vs igi check of your certificate determines the colour grading in the first place. People prefer yellow or pink coloured gems for the engagement ring, and they are from lab-grown diamonds.

Carat Check: It’s the final part of knowing the 4Cs of the diamond. And when buying a diamond, you need to determine all these four things very precisely. The carat size of the diamond determines the weight of the diamond. When you measure the weight, make sure the carat is counted correctly.

And the price for the diamond also depends on the carat size you choose. Overall, make sure you have a reliable jeweller for purchasing your diamond, and he can suggest you the best items. You can do a bit of research online before shopping for diamonds.

And it’s better to take someone for helping you choose the diamond.

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