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Types Of Welding And Their Application

A method of permanently uniting two or more metal components to form a single unit is called welding. In reality, practically everything we use daily has either been welded or was created using welded machinery. Vehicles, buildings, bridges, and other items fall within this category. According to their application and method used, there are several types of welding methods with different welding supplies. You can also check and buy welding supplies at Sydney Tools. However, now let us talk about different types of welding along with their application


  • MIG Welding


One of the simplest types of welding is MIG welding as it can be easily learned by beginners. MIG welding is a combination of two methods of welding. The first utilizes bare wire, whereas the second employs flux core.MIG welding employing bare wire is being used to weld thin metal parts jointly. Since flux core MIG welding doesn’t need a flow rate or a gas source, it may be done outside. The main application of MIG welding pressure vessels and steel constructions are made, Pressure vessels and steel constructions are made and Most forms of sheet metal welding may be done with this tool.


  • Stick Welding


Stick welding, commonly referred to as Arc welding, is the traditional process of connecting metals. Stick welding seems to be more difficult to learn than MIG welding, but if you want to do it at home, you can get stick welding equipment for relatively little money. It’s very versatile and can be utilized to unite metal alloys including aluminium, nickel,  copper, and ferrous metals like steel and iron. 


  • TIG Welding


TIG welding is a flexible welding method, although it is still one of the hardest welding approaches to master, and Lincoln Electric TIG welders are extremely trained.TIG welding necessitates the use of two hands. The rod is fed with one hand while the TIG flame is held with the other. Most common metals, such as cobalt, aluminium, steel, copper alloys and titanium, nickel alloys may be welded with the heat and arc created by this torch. Steel, Chromoly, aluminium, nickel alloys, copper, brass, bronze, and even gold may all be welded with TIG welders. Bike frames, lawnmowers, doorknobs, fenders, and other items may all benefit from TIG welding.


  • Plasma Arc Welding 


Plasma Arc Welding is a kind of welding that employs a plasma arc method that is very precise that is especially utilised in aerospace applications where the thickness of alloy/ metal is less than 0.015 of an inch. An engine blade or an air seal are two examples of such applications. There is a similarity in plasma and TIG welding but there is a difference in TIG welding in the electrode is recessed and heat is generated by ionising gas inside of the arc. The main application of plasma arc technique is in the sector of marine and aerospace, electronic industries and coating the turbine blade

So above four welding method are extensively used and each type of welding method have different applications


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