Sun. Apr 21st, 2024
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If you are trading Ethereum, you need to know all the price movements of this cryptocurrency to be able to follow the trends and make the right decision at the needed moment. The best place where you can check the Ethereum to Litecoin exchange rate and the price movements of both coins is a good crypto-trading platform. Here, we have prepared for you a list of the top 5 platforms where you can check this data.


Kraken has been operational since 2011. It is a USA-based trading platform focused on cryptocurrency. It is easy-to-use, but along with it, the platform is known for its amazing tools and extensive set of features.

Now, around 40 coins including Ethereum are available for trading on Kraken. And of course, on the platform, you can find all the needed data to make an informed decision.


LetsExchange, or, is a new exchange service that focuses on cryptocurrency. Now, it serves more than 200 coins and focuses on process transparency, availability, and easiness. All the information about the price, trends, etc., can be found on the platform.

Even though it is a completely new service, it offers a couple of amazing features that cannot leave you indifferent. What about visiting the website to find out more details?


Binance is one of the leaders in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform has an amazing interface. You can trade there more than 100 coins, including Ethereum, and it is suitable even for very beginners. Of course, all the needed information for crypto trading is available, moreover, it is presented in a very easy-to-understand form.


This platform started offering its services 8 years ago. For now, it is one of the leading platforms for cryptocurrency trading. There, you can find all the data needed to make the most profitable decision and to trade with benefit to you.


eToro is one of the most trusted exchanges. Its main focus is the top security level of its users and their funds. The platform also provides its clients or whoever is interested with the latest analytics, live charts, etc.

This platform enjoys special popularity in Europe and the UK. Now, they started accepting traders also from the USA which has boosted the number of their users.  This is one of the platforms that allow you to practice trading before you move on to trading with your own money.

Final Thoughts

To know when and for what to swap your coins to get profit, you need to know a lot of information about a specific coin. Thus, check the platform where you can find as much information as it is possible. Make sure the platform writes its own forecasts and analyses. Some use the rewrites from other resources, it cannot be considered as the most reliable information.

Finally, don’t hurry. Always check for a while whether the forecasts are correct and whether the analytics is reliable. Only after that, start exchanging coins.


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