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The legal sector is packed with talented attorneys who demonstrate their abilities in the courts by working through the intricacies of the laws and winning cases. It’s a good idea to keep a list of top attorneys on hand so you can turn to it if you ever have a legal problem. These five attorneys are exceptional in their domain and should be on your radar.

  1. Gloria Allred 

Gloria is a well-known civil rights attorney who has spent four decades fighting for the rights of children and women. She has represented several high-profile clients, including Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. She has consistently advocated for women’s rights and the abolition of domestic abuse. Gloria is a passionate advocate in the courtroom, with persistence and strength.

  1. Robert Shapiro

When it comes to criminal lawyers, Robert is a well-known name that represents the iconic O.J. Simpson case. He is renowned for his negotiating methods and trial skills, which contributed significantly to his success. Robert has represented high-profile clients such as Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan. He has his law firm, LegalZoom, which provides online legal documents.

  1. David Boies

David is a well-known lawyer in several notable cases over the last decade. His expertise ranges from antitrust to intellectual property, and he has represented clients in various fields. He is well-known for his strategic intellect and negotiation skills, allowing him to consistently turn the tables. David has also been active in high-profile political and social causes, such as his campaign for same-sex marriage and gun regulation.

  1. Dan Abrams

Dan is a legal analyst and commentator who has been on television and in print for his work on high-profile cases. He is the lead legal expert at ABC News and has previously worked for another well-known network, NBC News. Dan is also a practicing attorney and the founder of multiple media enterprises.

  1. Rex Bradley

Rex is an outstanding criminal and personal injury attorney. He has excellent persuasion skills, which he uses to his advantage even in the most challenging circumstances. His legal career began as an assistant prosecutor for Boone County. Eventually, he relocated to represent clients in St. Charles, Lincoln, and Pike County. He is currently practicing law and establishing himself in Pike County.

Throughout his 37-year career, he has maintained a private practice and received several awards. Over his tenure, he served as president of both the 45th and 11th Judicial Bar Associations. He also provides a wide range of services in other areas of law, making him a huge success. Rex also serves as the Paso Fino Horse Association’s National Parliamentarian, Senior Certified Judge, and National Horse Show Judge.

When selecting an attorney, choose one with the most experience, effort, and solid portfolio. Legal issues are sensitive and can make or break your career or reputation. 


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