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Investing in a second-hand car is a smart way to reduce your commuting woes. And, it is not the end of it – a used car has got a lot more advantages that you can actually imagine. Why don’t you go through this post and know about the advantages of buying a used car! For financial assistance, you can always avail the facility of the second hard car loan. Read on!

  • Enjoy better price tag

If you were looking to bring home a certain car, but could not do that because of the pricing issues, then a used car can surely help you fulfil it. You should know that the value of cars may go down by a whopping 40% in the year. And when you use it decently, under the warranty placement of the vehicle, it can let you indulge in carefree ownership experience.

  • Reduced insurance pricing

The other benefit of buying a used car is that as cars age, their insurance value goes down. If you look for a car with two years in its life cycle, you can still save more than half the amount on the insurance premium. You should also look out for vehicles without the history of accidents to keep off bump in the value of the insurance policy.

  • Low rate of interest

Second hand cars come with a better rate of interest via most of the authorized car dealers. These carry a lower base price that reduces your loan amount even more by margin consideration. Yes, when you invest in a second hand car, it means savings, as reduced amount also increases the probability of the successful used car loan approval.

  • Certified and approved cars

There are many online marketplaces these days that are known for delivering certified cars as they go through 150 checkpoints before reaching your doorsteps. As a result, you get to enjoy the peace of mind as an owner. You also get discounts on various other services involved with the sales of second hand used cars.

  • Roadside assistance

Leading online used car dealers provide you with assistance like roadside help and 24/7 helpline. You can rely on it as an option on most vehicles. Roadside assistance is a surety that the owner gets if any sudden loss happens to the car naturally.

Also, it is easier to find an exhaustive list of vehicles with a valid warranty that can be transferred in your name at the time of sale. Even if not, a large number of authorized used car websites and portals provide you with a limited period warranty for the vehicle valid via them. It is also easier to get parts replaced and issues resolved under the warranty period.

What’s more, if you purchase a new car and plan to sell it for another one in less than ten months, then the value will drop considerably. As a result, you may lose around Rs.1 lakh for a vehicle worth Rs.5 lakh. If you buy the same car via a used car dealer or online marketplace, then the deprecation after ten months would fall only to 5-10%.

You are now aware of the benefits that buying a used car provides. If you are ready to buy one and have a shortage of funds, you can apply for the second hand car loan.

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