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Betting on sports is different from traditional gambling. While gambling or betting on sports like boxing is simply about winning and losing in the few ways that exist, cricket is more about analyzing the game. There are instances where the weaker team can win.

Several factors are to be considered before you start betting. What are the playing conditions? The format of the game, location, squad, pitch, and many other things can come into the picture.

Luckily, betting in cricket has many angles. You can win for the entire game or only one part of the game that you are willing to bet on. For example, you can go to https://in.parimatch.com/en/cricket bet on your favorite team or different areas of it.

But betting without proper knowledge won’t be a good idea. So let’s just dive deeper and check out the top 5 betting tips to improve your performance.

Top 5 Cricket Betting Tips to Improve your Performance:

Never stop learning:

Cricket has changed to a great extent over the past couple of decades. There are several things that you can find shifting if you have been a fan of the game for more than 5-8 years.

The rules have been made more flexible, the boundary conditions are easier for batsmen now, the technology that clarifies benefit of the doubt, review systems, better tournaments for youth and selectors, teams seeing a great change in the quality of players from what it used to be years ago.

If you look at stats at your father’s time you will see that teams like West Indies and Pakistan were the best. Today, their rankings have lowered drastically. Similarly, teams like India and New Zealand have come up. While these are changed over the years, there are certain things that you understand when you watch the game keenly, listen to the commentators, news, and expert shows.

Therefore, Cricket is a game that is very dynamic and every game is different from the other. So never stop learning, keep yourselves updated about these factors that influence the game.

Understand the playing conditions:

The location, weather, and pitch are three important uncontrollable factors of the game. A great example of this is the last world cup played outside the subcontinent where showers and cold conditions troubled both teams and organizers. We saw a lot of games being compromised or being played in tough situations.

So, how to work with these?

Watch recent matches in the respective playing conditions and locations. Understand how bowling and batting pitches can be differentiated. One exclusive tip for this would be watching pre-match reviews. There is ample information given during these discussions. The condition of pitch and weather on those very days are reviewed. It will help you estimate and place bets with a clearer vision.

Set your limits:

This is a passive strategy that can help you in the long run. You will lose money now and then. The risk factor is lower than other sports betting and gambling but it exists.

Whenever you are not at your best or uncertain this will be the key to tackle. Place smaller and more distributed bets. It will give you more confidence and lower your losses.

Few methods of setting your limits would be starting small, managing your finances, place bigger bets on the matches that you are confident about, and finally try reinvesting the money better.

Squad understanding:

Here is the most reliable tip for you to make better profits on your bets. Analyze the playing 11. Look at the batsmen and bowlers playing on the day. Especially when it comes to big teams like India, Australia, New Zealand, England, and important tournaments like the IPL playing 11 play a very important role.

You can divide the team as openers, best batsmen, middle order, fast bowlers, and spinners. Now that you have understood the squad better, it will be much clearer for you to understand the teams.

Once you understand the playing conditions and squads you can bet like a professional. Because more often than not these can be the deciding factors.

The Toss:

Here is the final but turning point for every match, the toss. You must have witnessed this a lot of times the team that wins the toss decides whether they want to bat or bowl first. This decision is taken based on all the above analyses that we have spoken about till now.

As per the opposition and playing conditions the captain chooses their game. Especially in longer formats of the game toss can help you win or lose even against weaker teams.

The pro tip here is to watch some live matches and observe the discussion that happens during the toss. This will help you understand all the reasons why toss plays a major role in deciding the result of the match.

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