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It’s easy to link “free movie streaming” with “piracy,” yet there are actually many legitimate sources online where you can watch movies for free. These have a ton of movies that you may legally watch without spending a dime. It’s quite possible to locate movies and TV series, as well as other types of entertainment, for free streaming online. If you know where to look, that is. The best places to watch movies online without spending a dime are listed here.

1. 123Movies

In reality, 123Movies is a website where you may view any movie you want without paying a dime. Movies of all eras, from the classics to the most recent releases, may be seen on this platform. As a result, the MPAA has labeled it an “illegal but popular” site, despite its popularity. On 123Movies, you can find any movie or TV show and watch it online without paying a dime. Those movies are also available on Amazon, Hulu, and other legal movie streaming services.

2. The Roku Channel

The Roku streaming media player isn’t only great because of the content it can play; the Roku firm also offers a free streaming channel that can be accessed from any Roku device or online. You may view several full-length movies and television series without paying a dime. There aren’t a ton of films to choose from, but you can find a nice balance of classics and new releases (from “Driving Miss Daisy” to “Syriana”). Account creation is optional, and although advertisements are there, they are not invasive.

3. Vudu

Vudu is Fandango’s online video service, providing free and paid movies and TV shows. Hundreds of films, including new releases, classics, and schlock, are all available without having to pay a dime. This material may be accessed by clicking the Free option at the top of the website. The videos on the site are neatly arranged in categories that facilitate surfing.

4. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is another free movie streaming service that allows you to see movies other users have viewed on the site. All the newest releases are always shown on the front page, and the movie stream is refreshed often. The site’s nation filter is also a nice touch, allowing users to look for films just from certain countries. Using the country of origin of production, the titles are sorted.

5. Pluto TV

There’s a lot to see on Pluto TV. There is a Live TV area where you may navigate between stations, much as with a cable provider. If you want to go to the stations that exclusively show movies, you may do so by selecting the Movies option on the left side of the screen, albeit they may be in the midst of a show when you tune in. If you’re having trouble finding anything entertaining to watch or listen to on the live channels, try looking under the On Demand menu up above. Many movies are available for immediate streaming here and are free.

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