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As a real estate professional, you dream of taking your business to new heights, and to reach that height, you need to put proven marketing strategies in place. Having the triumphant real estate marketing mix will not only help maximize your visibility but also catch the attention of potential clients and make you stand out of all the noise. 

While there have been myriads of marketing ideas prevalent for the last few years, the advancement of technology asks realtors to stay tuned with the trending marketing plans. With that being said, you still need to find the secret sauce and make the right use of them in the right proportion to cook finger-licking food. To help you find that secret sauce in your real estate marketing mix, here is a list of the top real estate marketing tactics trending in 2020.

No matter whether you are an experienced realtor or just getting started, the real estate marketing ideas listed below will help you stay a part of the crowd and set your benchmark in today’s competitive phenomenon.   

  • Wow them with a website

In this digital age, people prefer to surf the internet to know about products and services before they finally invest. Hence, developing a website will help your prospective clients get a better understanding of your offerings. Add the listings of your property and keep updating them regularly. Also, try to add something extraordinary or a little unexpected to draw traffic to your real estate website. 

  • Do it with a drone

Drone photography is the latest buzz of today’s real estate marketing campaign. Capture the home’s exterior and its neighbouring landscape by clicking the sweeping shots via a drone. Drone photography will work as a supplement to your virtual tours and will focus on the features like patios and pools. Doing so will add an extra eagerness factor to your listings and propel your prospects to pin you for the property purchase. 

  • Run paid ad campaigns on social media platforms

Running paid promotions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. is another great way to promote your listings to thousands of people at a time. Exposing the listing to a bigger number of audiences will really bring a big profit to the seller. You may get surprised by uncovering the fact that your most captivating photos or videos may reach the highest number of people with a paid promotion. All you need to do is make videos for Instagram and Facebook and run the ads.

Social media ads allow you to pick a post type, post duration, budget, and targeted audience. To ensure your ads are served on the right plate, you can use targeted and trending hashtags. To put it simply, running a paid campaign on social media channels is the fastest way to put your post in front of the highest number of people you like to reach.

  • Impress with a video series

The best thing about counting on this highest engagement tool is that it does not cost you a fortune. Whether you are producing a client testimonials video, real estate tips video, property listing video, animated video or simply putting local images in the video templates; the video will always play a pivotal part in your overall real estate marketing campaign. Don’t use your smartphone! Be liberal and spend a little extra on this part because bright, beautiful, and clear videos bring people in! You can use video editing sites such as InVideo to create impactful and creative videos. It is no secret that using effective video templates for promotion is the hottest trend of today’s digital age. 

  • Blow up with blogging

In an unpredictable industry like real estate, it’s wise to count on quick wins, like running a paid campaign with Google. However, a lot can be expanded by taking a long-term approach and investing in something authentic, like creating content. 

Start blogging and get it optimized as per SEO guidelines. SEO optimized content shows up in prospect search engine result pages every time. Don’t forget to add engaging images, charts, or infographics to your content. It will instantly spice up the boring text and capture the readers’ attention. 

Bonus tips

  1. It makes great sense to create a synchronized rhythm in your overall marketing campaign. From your website to social media posts and everything in between should work together to weave the same story of your offerings. 
  2. Whether you are designing a website, building a blogging page, sending a newsletter, creating a social media post, or drafting a video; adapting a customer-centred approach to real estate marketing strategy will make you mark your own identity in the mob of millions.
  3. Several marketing activities can be better executed by an external partner rather than trying to do it on your own. Hence, don’t hesitate to outsource a reliable partner like InVideo that can help you gain the upper hand in the real estate industry. 


Gaining ground in a sales-driven industry like real estate takes time, toil, and talent to keep pace with the latest trend and technology. By having a foolproof real estate marketing plan, you can attract potential buyers and wow them with your amazing offerings. 

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