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As a result of the fact that COVID-19 has continued to be a top healthcare priority for 2021 in numerous healthcare facilities in Ohio, a large number of the most influential people in the healthcare sector have been devoting a significant amount of their time and energy to the fight against the pandemic. Therefore, the efforts of individuals who are dedicated to addressing disparities, changing healthcare systems, and discovering innovative methods to better the lives of patients should be brought to the forefront. The following are the top five most influential healthcare professionals in Ohio.

  1. Mike Louge

Mike Louge is the executive vice president and COO of OhioHealth Corp. It was announced in 2018 that he would be taking over as head of the Ohio Hospital Association. He’s the first Central Ohio healthcare executive to lead the trade group since 2015, when the chair was Chip Hubbs III, CEO of Marysville-based Memorial Health. The association is responsible for representing the state’s 237 hospitals and 13 health systems, acting as a lobbyist before the state legislature on matters such as Medicaid, and leading improvement initiatives for its members, such as a recent initiative to reduce deaths caused by systemic infections.

  • Dr. Robert E. Falcone

Dr. Robert’s family was struggling financially in their home country when they decided to make a move to the United States. Since then, Robert has been keeping his promise to assist other people by working toward the accomplishment of his objectives and ensuring that they are in line with his interests. In addition to his current position as an adjunct professor of surgery at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, he is a diplomat status by the American Board of Surgery. In addition to that, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Columbus Medical Association and Affiliates, where he is accountable for the supervision of programs that are oriented on the needs of patients.

Dr. Falcone has made a name for himself in the field by amassing a multitude of academic qualifications and professional experiences, which proves his potential to effectively run his own firm. The James Fairchild Baldwin Award, presented by the Grant Medical Center in 2009, and the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by The Ohio State University in 2006, are two of the most prestigious honors that have been bestowed upon him.

  • Richard Miller

Richard Miller is professionally known as Rick Miller. Since 2006, Rick Miller has served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He has been working at the hospital since 1985 and has held a variety of administrative jobs in the areas of planning, human resources, and operations prior to being promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Rick is most pleased with the powerful leadership and management team that is responsible for supporting operations, as well as the ethos of One Team that permeates Nationwide Children’s. Rick has served on a number of community boards in the central Ohio area, including those for Prevent Blindness, Isabelle Ridgeway Care Center, and the YMCA.

  • Timothy C. Robinson

Tim Robinson is the chief executive officer of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Since Mr. Robinson’s first day on the job at Nationwide Children’s in 1995, the hospital has undergone a transformation from an important regional children’s health care system into a preeminent academic medical center thanks in large part to his innovative approach to navigating complex economic, regulatory, and business challenges. In the course of his 25 years of service at Nationwide Children’s, Mr. Robinson has held a variety of positions within the organization, including those of assistant treasurer, senior vice president, executive vice president, and chief financial and administrative officer. He is credited for growing the hospital’s investment portfolio from $100 million to approximately $3 billion and for guiding the institution to attain an Aa2 bond rating regularly since the year 2001.

  • Anthony Wieczorek

Wieczorek has been part of Ohio Medical since January 2017, initially serving as Senior Vice President of Global Sales before being promoted to President. The year 2018 marked the beginning of his tenure as President of Ohio Medical. Before joining Ohio Medical, Wieczorek most recently held the position of General Manager at Leica Microsystems, which is a firm owned by Danaher. In this role, he was responsible for the entire sales of more than $200 million and managed three divisions.

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