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In the modern ear, with the advancement of technology, the most engaging and rich medium to help your key points pop is an animated video, which is a cost-effective visual resource medium. It is a motion and text mixing typography technique to express ideas in the form of video. An animation video is the most convenient way to communicate and express unique ideas and emotions easy-to-perceive.

Some days ago, creating animation video required high professional skills and vast knowledge of using the software that was a tricky process. Fortunately, technology has changed for the better. Now you do not require becoming an expert. There are many animation video maker software that allows you to create amazing creative videos through an enjoyable and smooth process. The article will explain the detailed idea and information about the best five animated video maker tools in the section below.

Mango Animation Maker (strongly recommended):

Mango Animation Maker is one of the leading and brilliant tools to make animations, videos & GIFs in minutes. It is already too familiar as a free animation maker to use business marketing, industry advertising, whether it be for personal and education sectors. It has enabled it to provide the highly responsive and interactive user-friendly interface environment. If you’re looking for more control and creative flexibility, Mango is the best option.


  • It has a straightforward and flexible beginner-friendly animate video-making process.
  • It allows voice narration expression and caption, that’s the result you can create audiences understandable perfect animation video via recording voice & customize subtitle.

It has a unique and massive collection of animation resources libraries to enrich your animated video like animation widgets, Images, symbols, SWFs, SVGs, charts,

  • effects, and shapes.
  • It provides you with a multi-track timeline procedure that enables you to control everything like Background, Camera, Animation, and Foreground.


Moovly is a flexible animation video creator that has four variants of the video solution. It is used for education, small business, and big enterprise. It has almost 175 million animator’s integration.


  • It provides various templates to simplify the video-making process.
  • It has dropped and dragged services to make videos perfectly.
  • It allows you to share videos on YouTube.
  • It has almost 175 million animate assets to make a video like video clips, sound effects, and pictures.


MotionDen is a young and innovative animation video maker that lets you efficiently create animations with a variant text style. It is enabled to provide all kinds of required facilities.


  • It allows you to customize your animated video via adjusting controls.
  • It provides the most efficient, extensive templates that are weekly updated.
  • It allows you to add many video clips, text effects, images, and suitable music to improve your animated video quality.


Animatron is a user-friendly and versatile video animation platform. Its libraries have more than 500K royalty-free video clips to create an incredible animate video. Even it has been able to develop presentations of standard video.


  • It can create whiteboard-style animation, HTML5 banners, and explainer videos.
  • It can enable us to make eye-catching animated business banner ads.
  • It has a massive collection of royalty-free photos, video, audio, and text font style.
  • It allows you to record your animated video.


FlipAnim is one of the coolest animation video makers with a UI interface to create an impressive video. It allows different types of QuickTime video formats.


  • It allows creating animation videos swiftly via changing the pen tool, color, font, and size.
  • It provides five fantastic options to create an animate video.
  • It allows adding text, photos, colors, and sounds via dragging the slider.

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