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Top 5 Novels That You Must Include In Your Reading ListTop 5 Novels That You Must Include In Your Reading List

Books are considered as one best friend, they help us to open up our brains, to think in 36 manners and therefore it is always beneficial to include books as part of your activity.

While reading novels that are based on different stories and segregated into categories we travel the whole world and live our lives and in short, it is something that we have step into someone’s place and getting to know the entire world.

There are many famous writers that have contributed a lot in the filed of stories while publishing their novel and to make people understand or go through the different zone.

Reading novels tends to serve us a lot many benefits like that of love, friendship, justice. So if you are looking to invest your time into some fruitful activity then reading some of the novels can be a good idea for you.

It will help you to develop your skills.

Enhancing vocabulary is what reading serves the most, so one should always focus on this.

You get to know the vast array of things related to life, as writers portray real-life incidence at a time that can help you to look and live life in a different manner. Below are some of the top 5 novels that you must have a look at your spare time includes-

Top Novels That Can Be Taken Into Consideration Are-


  • The Knite Runner- Khalid HosseiniWriten by Khalid Hosseini, the story revolves around the friendship of a wealthy merchant son known as Amir, and the other one is named Hassan the son of his father’s servant.


The story speaks about the war that has taken place due to the class difference. Khalid is telling the story of a normal love how people live and die, it is the story of people overcast decade and what all consequences one had to face regarding the family casts who do not belong to the same level.


  • The Alpha Prince And His Bride – LaurG


The story will let you know about the prince whom everyone cherishes and you will find a lot of drama and romance. Written by LaurG, the firstborn of King Jeremy and he is one of those among attractive ruler.

The Alpha Prince And His Bride story covers Princess Lucy Rosemary as she is one of those shy, embarrassed girls and her life started taking off after getting the marriage proposal to the king.

Full of romance the story will let you know about how they meet each other and what happens after they live, to know more you have to explore the entire story.


  • A Suitable Boy – Vikram Seth


It is known for its length i.e the longest published novel in a single volume, this talk about the post-partition of India and follows the four families focusing Rupa Mehra’s efforts to arrange the marriage of her daughter. So it will be fun exploring the story that goes beyond expectation and something different.


  • Midnight Children- Salman Rushdie


Being into the judgment panel for booker of bookers for the award 25th anniversary in 1993 and in 2008 he was voted for great booker prize winner all the time.

Saleem Sinai the novel protagonist is one of 1,001-midnight children. He also mentioned in the starting that western people can take and read as fantasy.


  • The Inheritance Of Loss- Kiran Desai


After winning second booker prize in 2006, and the head judge Hermione he described as a magnificent novel of humane breadth and wisdom, comic tenderness, and powerful political acuteness.

The story has a lot to say and to explore so it is one of those to be counted amongst the top 5 novels that you might not miss it to read.

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