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As a young parent, you are constantly uncertain whether to attend a family doctor or pediatrician for your kid’s health requirements. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider utilizing the expertise of a pediatrician, as these specialists concentrate on your child’s wellness. According to Health Department statistics, 93% of youngsters visited a physician within the past year. Argyle pediatrician Dr. Carrie Jones offers pediatric care solutions for everything concerning children’s health, ranging from immunizations and wellness checks to newborn care, and more. Continue reading to discover five common reasons you should schedule a pediatric consultation for your kid.

  1. Newborn Wellness Check

Never overlook your newborn’s health. Your pediatrician should closely evaluate your child’s health during the first week of life as they are more vulnerable to illnesses than adults.

Pediatricians will devote an average of half an hour to assessing the health of your infant and will then provide a conclusive assessment of the infant’s health. If an issue gets identified early enough, it becomes much easier to treat. Furthermore, immediate care helps you avoid the risk or more serious complications later on.

  1. Annual Medical Exams

Annual medical exams help determine whether the infant is developing normally and as expected. In most situations, annual doctor visits consist of physical examinations that assess weight, height, and general body look. If the kid is not growing as anticipated, several measures are implemented to ensure the infant’s proper development and health is attained.

  1. Childhood Immunizations

Immunization of infants is not only a health necessity but also a legal obligation. If you fail to provide your child with pediatric care, notably vaccinations, it is ruled as negligence; thus, it warrants jail time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has created and implemented an immunization schedule for children that must be strictly adhered to. You must follow the vaccine schedule if you desire your kid to grow normally. Most vaccines offered to infants begin at birth and terminate at about 18 months old.

  1. Ear Infections

Ear infections are a prevalent concern in young kids that must be treated before they spiral out of hand. If not corrected, ear infections could cause discomfort and sometimes permanent hearing loss. Numerous studies show that kids are more susceptible to ear infections than adults. Therefore, you must frequently consider the care of a pediatrician.

  1. Common colds

Newborn care is highly beneficial in treating common colds, particularly during winter. If not treated immediately, common colds are likely to result in more serious concerns like strep throat and bronchitis. Warning signs of a cold include chronic coughs, constant headaches, high fever, and sometimes, difficulty breathing. 

Your kid’s immunity is still not well developed, making them more susceptible to illnesses and infections. Whether your kids exhibit mild concerns such as difficulty in speech or more troubling concerns like asthma or allergies, you should consult a pediatrician. At Argyle Pediatrics, Dr. Jones and her staff offer expert pediatric care with an individualized approach to ensure you enjoy restored health and wellness. Arrange an appointment through mobile or book online today.

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